LeoFinance Went Viral in China and Thailand (According to Simple Analytics)

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When I first came across the statistics, I was surprised myself. I wanted to write about this 3 days ago, but postponed it just in case the original numbers changed. This is what I originally saw:

3 Days Later With Similar Numbers

This is definitely unexpected. I have been loosely following web traffic as an occasional interest. I'm not a we developer and I don't grok the intricacies behind these websites. Somehow the results are still favoring China by a considerable margin.

Could It Be A Result of Simple Analytics and Privacy

Simple Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics that is more privacy friendly. I have tremendous respect for what they are trying to achieve. It is an ideal choice for website owners who want to gain insights into their visitors while still protecting their privacy. That may result in lower quality data.

There is a clear shift in statistics since January. It is an interesting experience to go back and check the previous months.

December 2022

November 2022

Compared With Similarweb Statistics

Get ready to witness a completely different world! At this point I don't even think the statistics from different sources comparable. These are different to a point where it could be about two different websites. Someone like @dalz who is familiar with these analytics work should be able to provide better answers.

Blockchain Data Are Far Superior

It is better to focus on the blockchain activity itself to gauge how a project is doing. These are immutable and transparent data accessible to anyone (because that is what blockchains do). The same can be said about other DLT technologies such as DAG, Hashgraph etc.

HODL For The New Upgrades

If you missed the AMA (I usually do) these summaries are extremely helpful in letting investors know about the direction of LeoFinance + Leoverse. Get ready for the new changes and power up whether its LPUD or not!

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I am a bit surprised to see the US not first in terms of traffic. Maybe it's because I am used to seeing all the english words but there are quite a few countries that I didn't expect to see there.

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There are many countries with massive English speaking populations. You wouldn't expect many of them to have such a large group of English speakers.

Yea that list shows a lot and I guess that was my own bias toward things.

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Thanks for sharing this data. I'm surprised to see China ranked first.

China is able to surprise us anytime

Quite surprising to see in the country ranking that 74% of the LeoFinance visitors are from China, and only 7% are from the USA. Maybe some (or many) people are using VPN and proxy, so these values are probably not completely accurate (or not at all). Actually the reality could be entirely different. Even the opposite could be true. Who knows.

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