Dark Energy Crystals Investment Analysis: The Boldest Claim You'd Probably Read This Decade

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I don't want to start with some easy click-bait. But I do have to say that I'm a very sane person and you need to keep an open mind when it comes to facts. The world is still sleeping on Bitcoin. Those who are awake when it comes to Bitcoin still tends to be basically clueless hen it comes to STEEM & HIVE blockchains. Even if you are aware of both, the statistics show about 10% - 15% of the active users are Daily Active users on @steemmonsters Yet it is one of the greatest investment opportunities on the planet.

The last two weeks were not very great for the world in general. Even Bitcoin and many other crypto took a bi g hit. My STEEM investment worked impressively. The price grew roughly X2.5 (and fell down later) Then there was the HIVE airdrop that is currently worth more than STEEM. Among all these things it is easy to overlook DEC. It is the greatest investment opportunity that nobody seems to talk about.

Players Play – Traders Trade Other Assets

Look at any article or video made related to @steemmonsters and you will see that 95+% are about gameplay or game wins. There isn’t a large interest in economics behind the game. Maybe some people discount the fact that the game assets in Splinterlands is worth real money and that they can be treated as a form of investment vehicle like any other cryptocurrency like the ancient relic known as Bitcoin. If you check STEEM-Engine regularly, you should know that daily trade volume for DEC is below $2000 most of the days. Normally an asset with such low levels of trading volume should be a massive risk. But with DEC you need to ask just one question:

Do You Hate Fun and Discounts?

  • Splinterlands is easily the deepest and most engaging blockchain game I have come across
  • Joining and contributing to Guilds require DEC
  • Guilds can help you earn more DEC
  • Guilds will give you discounts on the @steemmonsters shop

A Peg With Few Steps is Still A Peg

To do well in investing, you need to have an aggressive and open perspective. DEC isn’t pegged to any fiat currency. It isn’t pegged to STEEM or BTC. But it is pegged to an asset worth $2 at 2000 DEC to 1 Untamed Booster Pack ratio. At the current prices, you are not even likely to loose much even if the contents of the Booster Packs turns out to be 4 Common Cards with 1 Rare Card.

A Note to Non-Players

I understand that some readers are not on blockchain to be entertained. Some of you need to make money and a peg with few steps can become an annoyance. But if you were smart enough to see the economic factors behind DEC, you would have roughly doubled you money in the last few days. You could have eve added some of your STEEM gains into DEC and increased your portfolio in double or triple digits while rest of the markets crash with their blue chips and index funds. Not wanting to buy Untamed Booster Packs simply mean that your gains won’t be instant. You will have to wait to see DEC price reach $0.001

Where Else Do You See These Type of Guaranteed Returns?

The #1 thing I look for in an investment is an asymmetric risk. Looking at how S&P behaved recently and how the whole market is propped up, I would go as far as to say buying DEC is safer than buying AAPL at the moment. Yes I said it and it’s on blockchain for everyone to see and I do plan to flex it when I’m proven right.

I’m not a financial adviser. But I do consider myself to be at least pretty decent at what I’m doing. It’s hard to grow a company past a trillion dollar valuation. Do you know how much marketcap DEC has? There is going to be a large influx of new players into the game over time. The game can grow 100 times without much issue when compared with similar non-blockchain games. Buying DEC at the moment is like buying insurance to an already burning house.

You are not speculating on the price of an asset. You are simply making a bet on a peg being maintained through economic pressure that is only going to increase along with the upcoming feature releases of the game.

Happy Investing!

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I am still trying to figure out the DEC and what it is all about.

Thanks for this information. I didnt get in at .001 but have picked up a little bit.

Any other 411 regarding DEC would be greatly appreciated.

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DEC has many uses within the game like buying potions, upgrading your Guild Hall, buying Essence Orbs and it can be used as a currency on markets. There are going to be a lot of new features added to the game that are going to cost DEC. There's so much upside to DEC. Try spending 30 minutes on Splinterlands and imagine what would happen when thousands of more users flood in.

So... honestly, I've not bought DEC yet (during this time)... cause I've been buying Untamed Packs and Orb Packs FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR!! I got several at about $0.55! And my hubs got some for $0.49 (I think).

I think we don't see as many posts about this topic because those who do it... do it and those who don't aren't interested... yet.

I DO see that people SHOULD be more interested in it. I even recorded the parts of a tutorial on how to buy Untamed packs on steem-engine... but then didn't cause... I dunno... I guess I thought no one would see and it would end up not as useful as I originally thought.

But... Thank YOU for doing this post! I think we should start getting folks more comfortable with trading and Splinterlands is a perfect (and easy) way to start.