BTC Up 50%, HIVE Up 90% From Their Lowest Prices. Is The Bear Market Over?

in LeoFinance10 months ago

It's been quite a while many of us got really exciting crypto news and times like this when some of our favorite cryptos are soaring back high gives us so much joy and hope. They increase in price may not be much but every little increase is a win to me especially when many of us have been dedicated to the space and invested when thr prices where pretty low.


BTC touched $23k this week and Hive crossed the $0.40 mark on some exchanges hence making them both have a gain of 50% and 90% respectively from their lowest prices since the bear market started. This growth happens quite fast if you asked because all these sporadic increase happened in just a month or two and that's why I'm pretty pumped up for what crypto could do this year.

So is the the bear market over? At this point, and with all my little experiences with cryptos pumps and dumps, I can't say if that's the case. But one thing is certain, it's still a good time to buy considering the price of most cryptos our here and where the market is headed. As said iny first post this year, 2023 would be for a great recovery in my opinion and its so nice to see it all happening. Perhaps we might still encounter some hitches as we ride this bear, but overall, I believe is gonna be a positive year.

I'm glad majority of those I know are prepared for the bull market and I can feel the excitement already as the market recovers. Anyone who hasn't stacked enough cryptos by this time would most likely be buying them at a high price later this year.