Lessons I have learned on the path of economic growth

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On the path of economic growth, all of us who dedicate ourselves to it, constantly learn many important lessons, lessons that allow us to advance, prosper and progress towards our goals of wealth and well-being.

How could it not be so? It's just like Renowned Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn used to say in his talks: “The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become a millionaire in the first place.” and he was quite right.


A constant learning towards success

Economic success is not something as banal as the simple idea or goal of having money, it is, for those of us who obtain it legally and based on our efforts, a path that must be traveled, internal transformations that we must experience, changes of thoughts and behavior patterns that we are gradually improving.

On the path of those internal and external improvements that we are achieving as individuals who undertake and constantly fight for their goals is how we are becoming stronger, wiser, more intelligent and as a result of that process of progress is that we are obtaining the rewards.

One of the most important lesson for economic growth

In deep connection with this topic of lessons that we are talking about at this moment, I tell you that recently, after much reflection, I remembered one of the most important lessons that economic growth has brought me in all these years.

It is a simple but profound lesson that I tend to forget sometimes and that I must be more attentive to always remember. The lesson I often forget is not to compare my success or progress to anyone else's success. The reason for this is very simple, comparisons only bring frustration, reluctance and a bad mood (in most cases).

If you compare yourself with someone who is worse off than you, you are deceiving yourself and you may have the erroneous belief that you cannot or should not continue advancing in your personal and financial growth; and if you compare yourself with someone who is better than you, you can fall into discouragement and have the mistaken conviction that nothing is worth it, and that you will not be able to achieve success no matter how hard you try.

Let's use the example of our success as writers in HIVE

To explain the point (and precisely why I am talking to you today about this topic), let's talk about the case of Hive.

As writers, we at Hive may or may not get rewarded for writing content. But it has happened to me a lot that for writing and writing and not seeing any type of reward for what I wrote (or very little reward), it discouraged me, because I began to compare myself with other authors who are savoring the honeys of success, obtaining juicy rewards about everything they write.

But analyzing in depth the cause of their success, we realize that they have not obtained it by chance, but through constant and intelligent effort and dedication. Those writers who succeed today on Hive, started from scratch, with zero visibility, with little impact on the platform, and now, instead, have become benchmarks, and are the best examples of what can be achieved with tenacity, perseverance and intelligence.

If we only compare ourselves with them and mistakenly think that their success was achieved overnight, we will only get frustrated and stagnate. On the other hand, if we manage to understand the kind of people that these authors had to become to achieve what they did, we will clearly see the panorama, we will stop uselessly comparing ourselves, we will stop being watching of what others do and we we will focus fully on the efforts we have to put in to achieve what we want.

And all this will allow us to realize the aforementioned reality, that money is not the goal, money is only a means, a reward, and what is really important is the journey. Because money is something finite, but the ability to be people who know how to generate it constantly without focusing on it, is the most lasting and important quality that we can obtain in the process.

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Does this mean that we should not aspire to money and wealth?

Although many people could interpret it that way, that is not exactly what this valuable lesson refers to, because it is quite obvious that all human beings (or at least the majority) want to achieve wealth, prosperity and economic well-being in our lives.

It is an understandable and normal desire, especially if we consider all the facilities and general well-being that having money brings. But we must focus, as I have already mentioned, on the way to grow, we must have as a goal the awareness that we must have in the process of economic growth beyond the amout of money we want to earn.

We must understand that if we do what we must do, and if we become the kind of people that we have to be (persevering, intelligent, creative) then the reward (the money) will come by itself, as if by magic. All of the above brings us to an important and valuable additional derived lesson "Make the money come to you, instead of going after the money."

This means a very valuable truth, because if you become an irresistibly attractive person for money, money will come to you without much effort. And I know this sounds like metaphysics, but it's not, it's something more basic, it just means that if you put everything in the right conditions for money to come to you, then money and success will inevitably come to you.

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