Timing is everything.

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Picking your moment is vital for getting the most out of things.

In every area or opportunity there is a better or worse time to go after it. Not all times are equal and looking at how it will play out is very important.

Take the crypto markets for example. When should you jump in or jump out of the game?

Most people guy when things are in a bull market trying to ride the wave but the smart money pulls out before the top and waits for a better time to buy in.

They always say to buy when there is blood on the streets and that has proven true time and time again. But phycology is tough, it's hard to go against the crowd but that what makes winners. being able to separate emotion from hype and crowd mentality to focus on the facts behind it. Looking at how the markets have moved over the past number of years and reading those trends.

When markets keep jumping higher and higher in a short period of time there will be an inevitable drop at some stage. The people who are ready to buy those drops have the right timing. They will profit from others mistakes and their timing is key to read the right entry and exit points.

Hive can be the same

There is also a method for posting to hive that makes timing a vital key for success.

The hive community is mainly based in the western part of the world from the people that i follow and who follow me as far as i can make out.

I have seen over time how the success of each individual post that i make is very dependent on the time that i post it. A lot of people don't like to browse back their feed and so they look at the first few posts before moving on to another app or chore that needs to be done.

So to get enough eyes on my post, it's vital to put it right in front of peoples eyes at the right time. a lot of people are very routine and log on after work or at the same time every day.

For me that is between 6 and 7pm in the evening for the maximum amount of views and comments. I can see the difference between what i post at 12 and what i post at 6. One small thing but on a daily basis can be worth a few dollars in votes and a lot of engagement. Over the course of a year that can run into big numbers and is worth making the small tweak to my schedule to maximize my returns.

Small changes make a big difference.

Every little thing that we here has an effect in the long run. Good practices compound into success over time and good actions return twofold to your brand.

All of these actions are part of a bigger game where timing will be everything. We are still early to the game so we have come at the right time. Now it's just time to double down on that and get into the best position possible for when other realize what they are missing out on.

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I prefer to put things up early in the US since it means I can just post it before getting to focusing on work. I don't schedule things but maybe I should play with times.

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It's definitely worth looking at as most people would log in the evenings after work and if they have a busy feed could miss your brilliant post.

There are a few of the big hitters that come in around that time and can make a difference to your rewards. It's not the most important thing but it's nice to catch some big votes.

I would say to play around a bit as it can be worth it in the long run.

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I live in the U.S. and found that posting in the afternoon got my posts the most attention. Sometimes I would stay up late working on a post and would then end up publishing it around midnight. That always ended up being a mistake.

A very handy tool for me is the scheduling feature on leofinance. I can write a post now in the morning where it would have died off by afternoon but now can set it to post at 7pm and check in after work.

Makes it really handy instead of missing the big hitters.

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they look at the first few posts before moving on to another app or chore that needs to be done.

There are things to do rather than Hivenate? 😏

Your early evening is midday in the Americas so it makes sense that more eyeballs would be in use then than some other times. I usually post early in my day which is mid-afternoon in Europe.

Lots of people use autovoting, so with them it doesn’t really matter.

There are things to do rather than Hivenate? 😏

Mainly splinterlands but i' sure there are things out in the real world two. It's been so long that i've forgotten what it's like outside.

Unfortunately i don't have any of those nice whale autovotes so have to go out and suck up to people manually every day. Sucks really but someday they can autopilot their gratitude to me. Hopefully.

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So true. Naturally am a holder but I tried the good timing today for the first time and I made 15% profit after buying the dip.

It's always nice when these things work out. I always love to buy when the markets drop 30% overnight. There is always a quick bounce and a few easy dollars to make.

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