Seeing the results of consistency.

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Enough time and effort will achieve results.

Firstly, I like to write. I like to learn and i like to be a part of something. When I do, I like to go all in with it.

When that is sport, I will show up every day and play to win. I will keep going no matter how far back we are and try to get on top again. I hate to lose.

When that is work, i had three sick days in ten years. And that was only when i had an issue with my eyes and need to take a small break to let them heal. That is why i can do everything there and do it faster than everybody else. Mostly parts anyway.

Now it's hive and crypto. So the approach isn't going to be much different. The only problem that i really have is that there are other priorities that need to come first before I can put my time and effort into building here. Work, life and family all have to come first and rightly so. That doesn't mean that i can't put in my full effort, it just means that to be successful i need to keep making an effort as much as possible and show up when i can.

Luckily from showing up every day for the past few years i have built a platform for success. Built revenue streams, contacts, knowledge and this makes it easier to spend less time here while still achieving resulrs.

"Work smarter, not harder."

Has always been a big part of my strategy and if you show up everyday just to do the exact same things then you haven't been learning.

There are a lot of very smart people based on this blockchain and we should be paying attention to what they are doing to improve what we are doing.

If you want to be a top athlete then you watch others. You train harder. You do analysis on your own skills to find area of improvement.

Why would building a profile be any different.

You should see what works for you. See what works for others. See how you can add more to your portfolio and how to get better returns, more engagement.

We can all have out own method but we still need to keep working on it over time.

Consistency is key.

In my opinion, for building a profile on hive and social media in general you need a few key parts.

  • A brand.
  • An voice.
  • Consistency.

Who are you. What do you have to teach us and be there every day.

People get to know a profile and follow them for a specific reason. Because they like the person, because they have something interesting to say, or maybe some knowledge that we don't have.

However if you only show up once a month it is hard to build that profile as people will find new sources. If you are showing up every day then they get to know you better and to expect oyu will be there.

Even look for you when they log in.

I haven't had these levels of consistency in a while but was delighted to post 9 solid posts in the past 9 days and have seen huge levels of engagement for it. I have shared them to other sites and picked my times to release them carefully but a lot of the people commenting are the same faces over and over again.

It's great to see them showing up to see what i have posted. Now some of it might just be for the rewards but that is just a little incentive to reel them in until they get into the habit of turning up and start to do it automatically over time.

Even today, i woke up a bit early and decided to do a post before getting ready for work. It's 6 am and a busy day ahead of me but i feel better for continuing my writing streak and maintaining that consistency. It will actually set my mind up for the day and i can check in after work to chat and reply to anybody that stopped in over that time.

I am here to win and that will only happen by putting in the work over time.


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Consistency is the key and even if it is only 30 minutes per day make that time count. So many get stuck in discord thinking they will get more votes or something and believe it is on here that counts the most.

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It's very easy to see the people that have stuck with it and put in that effort. The likes of yourself who has turned up everyday is now reaping the benefits of all that hard work and when prices hit a new level over the next few years will see a lot more of it.

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I've put time and effort into my Splinterlands collection and now seeing the results. I'm now making so much everyday passively, it's barely worth the time or effort of playing. I'm actually trying to quit playing the game because some days I get addicted and end up spending too much time playing.

I could rent out all of the cards but that would take a lot of the fun out of the game for me. Part of the excitement is hitting that quest everyday and hoping for a GFL.

Or the excitement when you get something special. There is a lot of money to be made though which is great for all of the older players that put in time and effort to building a collection.

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I find it a bit easier to comment rather than write posts sometimes. Maybe it's because making a post requires some extra time and on the days I don't make a post, I tend to comment more.

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