Building towards 1 BCH.

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There is a solid BCH community on

I have often written about the platform as a good place to earn a few extra tokens and find out some interesting short pieces.

There are different channels for different topics but my main ones are #splinterlands, #leofinance, #freenft's and #club1BCH.

Splinterlands is a good way to promote the game. Lots of users show their daily rewards and share tips on the game.

Leofinance is just the usual people from here sharing a few links and earning a few extra votes.

Free nft's are mostly worthless and the majority of them on wax but it's a handy way to start collecting without having to pay. There are lots of them on offer and who knows what might be worth something down the line.

I like the #1BCH channel as a group of users competing to reach the same goal on the platform.

It's a target and also a status symbol.

Earning a full BCH is not easy but it does add up over time.

I log into the site daily for some engagement but i haven't checked my savings balance in a few weeks and was delighted to see that I had reached the halfway point in my challenge.


0.54BCH, currently worth over $200

The channel has 1500 members and if you haven't tried the platform yet i would recommend it for some fast and easy earning. link.

Every token should be earning more tokens.


While most of this has been earned from the engagement aspect of Some of it is coming from Nexo. A crypto savings platform.

My account is set up to transfer my BCH balance to Nexo, every time that it reaches $5 in tips. When i have the time to engage, this tends to be every 2-3 days.

It then lodges to my BCH savings account and starts to earn interest daily. 8% Interest.

Asset Bitcoin Cash
Earning BCH 0.54589423
Balance $201.13
Interest BCH 0.00722476
Earned $2.66

The amounts are small for about 8 months of activity but as I always say. I'm playing the long term game.

Over time this will keep growing and my BCH balance will keep earning higher and higher amounts of interest.

I am hoping to hit 1BCH in a lot less than 8 months as growth is exponential and my first few weeks were slow to build as i had zero followers and less engagement than i do now. Also without having any balance on Nexo my interest was also non-existent.

These are small factors but hugely important for future growth. It's the reason why effort and consistency create success.

All of those little bits add up to larger amounts over time.

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It was a lot easier 6 months ago. Back than I did earn $5 per day, now it is $5 per week.
Still indeed a great community!

Ya, the random tips were great back then. I used to make over $1 on most posts. Now it's 10c.

On the plus side, i have a lot more tips to give out to people and get 33% back from them.

It's still not too bad.

Why is it difficult now

The voting system has changed

You know I haven't been back there in a while. Was great to network and discover something new then they changed, and changed again, and I was lost.

Worth returning? What am I missing as far as being able to vote with rewards and receive some too?

It's good if you have a good channel to be involved with.

Then it's lots of fun to post a few simple ones and check out the splinterlands rewards. Top up your BCH. Whatever takes your fancy.

Voting has changed, now you get votes to give out but they are less regular and limited. Hearts rarely give votes anymore.

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This is really cool.. I should consider doing this too..

Would read about it as soon as I get the time to

It's a good site. Lots of hive users and you earn decent rewards for the start.

Just keep engaging.

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Okay.. Actually signed in immediately I saw your post

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The name of the network really sounds familiar perhaps I have once tried it before.

It should be worth considering link.

I hadn't heard of this one, looks like something worth checking out. What do you have to do to earn?