What Would Be Your Strategy if an SPI Price Drop Occured???

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SPI can be a difficult investment to wrap oneself around.

Do you count its value in Fiat?

Do you count its value in HIVE?

Do you value it because of it is a share of a bitcoin?

DO you value it by its growth potential?

Do you value it by its backed value, its sell back value, or its Hive Engine value?

What is the best way to quantify the value of SPI?

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And what would you do if you found that the value of it was dropping?

If the price of bitcoin corrects, and the value of our other assets don't rise to overcome its correction, the backed value of SPI will drop.

And that is when things will get interesting.

Will you HODL because you know Bitcoin will come back anyway?

Will you sell?

Will you try to play the market and buy and sell SPI to try to earn a profit?

Will the value of SPI go beyond the value of its backings?

Will the Hive Engine price remain at a premium?

To buy a whole SPI right now you have to pay 8.333 HIVE, the backed value is 7.36 HIVE

I am excited for this next phase of SPI

The phase where we have proved that the model works, have paid shares to our shareholders, have reached great numbers... and the phase where there is a possible volatility in the price of our assets.

How would the SPI community respond?

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One simple answer:happy to be able to buy at a discount :)

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I am following you now.


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