News: July 25, 2021. Bitcoin Suddenly Close to US$ 40K

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Today, bitcoin (BTC) started the day with a value around US$ 34K. During the day, it remained stable until around 18:00 EDT (22:00 UTC). At that time it started was its price consistently and by 21:00 EDT it reached close to US$ 36K. Then suddenly ir spiked to close to US$ 40K to settle to close to US$ 38K at the time of writing this post.

The reasons for this jump are currently unknown. There has been speculation regarding positive messages coming from Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. Also, there are rumors regarding an announcement by Amazon, that would mean that BTC would be used it its platform.

Regardless of the cause, it is my opinion that people should hold some bitcoin in their personal and business portfolios, with the idea of protecting some value, and without compromising the ability to have emergency cash or to have other types of investment.

This post is intended to only raise awareness. In order to make actual financial decisions please contact your financial advisor and/or tax advisor prior to making the decision.

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Hopefully back on track. I hope Elon done with ranting for now.

The public should not listen to him, but they do...

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How awesome is that! Bitcoin on a bull run and we're all being dragged up with it wo0t wo0t!

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Today there was a bit of a decline, but the future looks bright!

Yes definitely, I'm wondering if it will decline anymore than it already has or if this is the bottom. Never know with these things

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