April 7, 2021. The Opinion of the Day #1. The Financial Case for Microblogging.

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Microblogging is valuable content as has been proven by the multi-billion dollar company Twitter. It provides a platform for small 280-character posts which people and corporations value.

It makes financial sense from the perspective that time is money. If people and companies reward short content, why not use that opportunity? If a 280-character post earns me the same amount of money as a 5000 word article, what makes logical sense to place the effort into?

Some people in the HIVE community do not like short posts. They consider them effortless and not value-bringing. To be honest, I, with my limited time, value more a short and concise post that a 5000-word article, which I will probably will not read in its entirety.

Finally, I have seen that many newcomers start with long posts looking for the big rewards from the whales, only to see themselves ignored. It seems that whales reward whales without paying attention to the enthusiast newcomers. So, microblogging is an answer to this. In the HIVE blockchain, there is #dbuzz, which is similar to Twitter, but decentralized. The rewards do not go to the Twitter corporation, but to the authors and curators.

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