The Steem Effect?!?

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I am sure you are all enjoying this #Hive and #Leo "all-of-a-sudden" pump while the rest of the crypto market is somehow more "quit" today, right?

I sure am and since I am a curious person by nature I decided to further investigate the cause of this pump!


The Steem Effect

Here is what I found!

A couple of hours ago, #Steemit Inc. Tweeted that they you can now also earn #TRX on top of #Steem starting from today.


Tron has a ton of followers on Twitter and some of them will definitely want to try out Steemit and earn free #Steem and #TRX.

All these people have started digging info about Steemit and since Hive is a fork of Steem it's only logical to assume that all these people found info about Hive too! If I was in their shoes I would definitely try out Hive since I could earn more free crypto for my content.

Hive is an under-valued coin so my guess is that smart people saw the potential and invested in Hive too.

Does this makes sense to you?

It sure does make sense to me and here are some numbers for all those of you who don't keep up with #crypto prices daily

#Steem Price is up by 25% the past 24h




Hive and LEO are mooning too


I am writing this blog for some time now and haven't checked back the prices but I hope they keep mooning! I cashed out my Steem months ago so I do not really care about it's price but I SURE AS HELL care about Hive and Leo.

My Leo holding are up by more than 100$ in terms of USD$ the past 48 hours! Same goes for my Hive Holdings too!
Check this out

My Leo balance 3 days ago

My Leo Balance Today



Let's hope we can maintain this Hive ecosystem momentum and we can see a $1 Hive soon.

Get out there and promote Hive the best you can! If you are wondering how you can help I would highly sugggest starting with Twitter. Share your Hive/Leo blog links on Twitter, add some tags like #Hive, #leofinance , #crypto etc. and let's get Hive and Leo trending over there!

Thank you all for reading my blog

As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Interesting. Sucks that the general crypto space disregards theft and the practices of Tron and just blindly dives into this stuff.

One day I hope, crypto will be bought and sold on real use case and actual community.

Hope so too Jon! Steem is a shitty platform right now but as you said, everyone is in it for the money! Hodlers and real blockchain believers will benefit way more in the long run though!

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exactly it only benefits us! even if steemit goes straight to hell after a couple of months, Hive will show them the stability we have and lead them here!

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Yeah, I saw these news too but didn't check Steem prices. I also sold my Steem and a while ago with no regret at all. Let the scam chain show people what they are so they come to the real deal - HIVE!

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Hell yeah man! Steemit has becomed a piece of shit for a blockchain. You can't even milk rewards anymore if you are not Korean or if you do not belong in the inner "Steem Circle".

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Alternate theory: TRX announcement pumps price of Steem. Hive users still holding on to Steem see a great opportunity to swap Steem for Hive. Steem is sold and Hive is purchased.

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I think I read a post about a user on Leo who did that! It's definitely an awesome time to exchange your Steem for Hive (if you still own some) but are enough Hivers who still hodl Steem to pump the Hive price that much??

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Hmmm good point about the volume. I'm not sure about that.

But, there are definitely people who still post on both chains to collect rewards.

You have either to be Korean or suck Jason's d*ck to make 1$ over there! Hahahaha!

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I won't touch either of these shitcoins, but if it helps to pump Hive/LEO I won't say no ;-)

On a more serious note, Hive certainly is still undervalued, so I really hope we can build some upward momentum here.

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Me too man! Steem is dead but Hive is doing better than ever in terms of development!

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Still rememeber SBD at 9$ or so ... Greed was the doom of this platform ...

And still is! I wasn't on Steem when SBD touched 9$ but man, it must have felt good!

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won't deny it ... it was fucking great ...

Bro you really motivated me to keep it up more into the blockchain projects, hive blog and new cryptos.

LeoFinance is a project built upon Hive so when you share a post on LeoFinance you post is also shared on and you earn both Hive and Leo for the same post.

Be careful though bro, LeoFinance is a platform for finance-related content so please do not share your skateboarding videos.

Here is a nice blog written by @uyobong explaining what type of contents you can share on Leo :

Let me know if you have any questions buddy!

You can also take a look at this post so you can learn about more crypto blogging platforms :

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For a long time I had doubts about leo finance but now you have solved them and I will be giving my best in leo finance very soon.

I'm so happy to dedicate more time into things that matters :)