Kyra Finance - DeFi Scam or a Newly Born GEM?

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Morning #Leo peeps, how are you?

I've been keeping an eye on this new DeFi project called Kyra Finance for over a week now since I read about it on and I got to admit that this one looks promising! Or not?

About Kyra Finance


Kyra Finance ( claims to be a decentralized DeFi powerhouse in which users will be able to stake various cryptos and earn passive income for doing so in a secured envinroment.

Kyra Finance is not limited in just staking. You'll also be able to Atomic Swap crypto through their services, farm NFT's and more...



KYRA is a ERC-20 Token with a total supply of 100,000 and will be used to vote for governance on the Kyra Finance platform.

Development : 5%
Marketing : 10%
Team 3%
Uniswap Liquidity : 12%
Staking Rewards : 30%
For Sale : 40%

The pre-sale will happen on November 27 but there is yet an official blog about the pre-sale on their Medium blog either a pre-sale page on their website.

Kyra Finance team organized an airdrop yesterday so I had to re-tweet this Tweet bellow. That's how I learnt about the pre-sale date.


In case you are wondering, I successfuly completed the airdrop tasks and received 6 USDT a couple hours later


Gotta love free $$$!!!

What do you think?

I wrote this blog cause I wanna hear you opinion whether it's worth it or not to invest a few bucks in Kyra. I know we have some really smart and experienced crypto investors on #Leo so...

What do you think about this project? Do you think that people are afraid to invest due to all these DeFi scams taking place in the crypto-sphere? Would you invest in Kyra?

Here are some useful links about Kyra Finance to take a look at :

See ya at the comment section bellow!

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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@knowhow92, Cryptocurrency Space is still young so we never know, sometimes only journey defines the reliability of particular project. Stay blessed.

For sure! The big question is if it's worth investing in the early stages of a project like Kyra or not.
Thanks for your comment my friend.


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Welcome and good luck. 👍

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