Is Autonio.Foundation (NIOX) A Sleeping Giant?

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It's a beautiful and sunny Saturday here in Thessaloniki GR and I just woke up to a super-sweet surprise!

I invested some bucks in a low cap coin called NIOX the other day and man it's been treating me well, especially today!


About Autonio Foundation

Autonio Foundation ( is a non-profit UK-based organization which aims to provide everyone within the DeFi ecosystem the proper financial trading and analysis tools.

The project was funded back in 2018 and the team has delivered some really awesome products since then.
Check it out


If you are a trader then you know how useful these tools are right ?

NIOX Tokenomics


Token : ERC-20
Circulating Supply : 34,526,198 / 300,000,000
Coingecko Rank : #1111
Price : 0.00000090 BTC

The screenshot above was taken some minutes before publishing this blog and as you can see NIOX price is up by 12% the past 24 hours.

Check out the chart bellow


NIOX previous ATH was $0.80 and it's now trading around $0.015 lol! Feel like there is HUGE room for price growth right?
Also, Niox Trading Volume is skyrocketing the past few days! That means we are gonna see some big price action soon!

I really think that this project has a bright future cause the DeFi hype is REAL and NIOX makes DeFi trading tools accessible to everyone.

NIOX recently partnered up with Matic so they can port their SmartDex tools on Matic Network. Matic is a well known project so I am sure these news will bring big exposure on Niox.


What do you think about NIOX?

Have you guys ever heard of NIOX before reading about it here? Would you invest on this project? Do you think that NIOX will get caught on the DeFi Hype train?

I personally was impressed by this project so I bought 3522 NIOX on


If you feel like buying some NIOX yourself then you can use my Digifinex refferal link to sign up and we both earn 2 USDT after your first FIAT deposit :

Thank you all for your support.

As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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