Free DTC Just Landed in my Wallet

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The 3rd part of the monthly DTC Airdrop is claimable starting from today guys!

If you can find your name in the "@dtube airdrop list" then you are eligible to claim some free #DTC.

All you have to do to claim the airdrop is is to log in to your account, check your notifications and click on "Claim Airdrop".

dtc airdtop 1.png

After you click on "Claim Airdrop", Steem Keychain will pop up and ask you to confirm the transaction. Type you password, confirm the transaction and boom, you just received your monthly DTC Airdrop!

dtc airdrop 2.png

It took around 10 seconds until my fresh DTC were displayed in my balance and damn it felt good looking at my 3000+ #DTC balance!

Airdrop dtc 3.png

What can I do with my DTC?

You can either hodl your DTC, generate VP (voting Power) and vote content on Dtube so you can earn curation rewards or you can sell them on Ionomy and Uniswap.

#DTC is now trading around $0.23 on Ionomy actually! Not bad if you consider the $0.10 price on ICO!

dtc airdrop 5 Ionomy.png
Sign up on Ionomy (affiliate link) :

As for me, I think I'll hodl on my DTC since I am using Dtube Daily and since hodling them earns me a ton more DTC!

What I really love about Dtube is that there is no staking!

You don't have to stake your DTC for "x" weeks like Hive or Steem. You are free to sell your coins anytime but the more DTC you have the faster your VP Generates! The more VP you have the more votes you can cast which equal in more curation rewards! If you are really into Dtube like me then HODLING is the wisest choise!

More DTC Airdrops to Come

3 more DTC Airdrops left and they will happen every first day of the month for the next 3 months.
The selling pressure might be HUGE right now since people sell all these free airdrop DTC's but the price is holding up!

I really believe Dtube has a bright future so I will not be selling my DTC anytime soon!

Thank you all for reading my blog

As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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τα λεγεε

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Xaxaxaxa! You are a crazy motherfcker!

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I was using dtube using with thrid party youtube videos I didnt get any dtc.
I will reupload them and share all my videos with some tips you give us, tags ,communities and good content.

Have a good day @knowhow92

Awesome dude! Just remember that you must have Voting Power to use Dtube! You can't upload videos without VP! You need to have DTC to gather VP! You can either buy DTC on Ionomy or if it's a bother for you you could send me some Hive or HBD and I can send you some DTC to your wallet!

I know dude, I send some dtc to my account 8 hours ago and the amount is not my wallet yet. I put in contact with ionomy support and I hope to solve my situation in the next 24 hours.
I wanna save some dtc and some invest for my videos and continue getting more vp.
can you give me some vp for my dtube account?
I will wait for the support and the solution they give me, after that i will tell you if i will need your help for dtc into my wallet ok.
I appreciate a lot your support into my questions and comments. :)

Unfortuntely I can't send you VP BRO BUT i CAN SEND YOU dtc! If you do not solve your situation i'll send you some and give them back to me i the future ;)