Buying more Leo and maybe BRO?!?

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It's no joke that #LeoFinance team and community have done a more than amazing job this past year to promote the #Leo tribe and token.

Some of us came later to the #Leoparty but that doesn't mean it's too late.
The #Leo token price is almost double the price of it's mother chain Hive but since there is a HUGE room for growth in the Leo Tribe I decided to Invest some of my Hive earnings every now and then to buy me some LEO.

Today I loaded up my Hive-Engine account with Hive and bought 57 more Leo for 1.79 Hive each.


My buy made the price pump 2.39% hahahaa! Funny right?

I am now a proud hodler of almost 800 Leo. I know it's not that much but it definitely is something right?

Before Today's Leo Buy


After Today's Leo Buy


About BRO's

I heard @trumpman shilling BRO coin a couple days ago and this sparked my interest. I have some liquid Hive left which I want to invest into a Hive Engine token so what do you guys think about BRO's?


Could someone tell me what the benefits of holding BRO's are? What is the minimum number of BRO tokens I must be holding to enjoy the BRO benefits? How is your experience with the Mancave community until now?
Do you have any other Hive Engine token reccomendations?

I wanna be your BRO but I gotta learn how to play first! Hahaha!

Thank you all for your support.

As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Bro is worth it, especially if you post daily (i think you do !) since you will also get the occasional vote from them (they have trails for all popular tribes and blurt too!) and be a bit active on their discord. Come, say hi and decide for yourself :)

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Gonna join the BRO Discord soon! Thanks @trumpman2.

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We have an excellent coin with an excellent community. Although I may be a leeeeeetle biased haha.

If you buy 1 BRO, you will see dividends to your wallet. Just depends how much you want to buy in :)

We mint roughly 400 hive daily from all our investments and I pay out 70% of that to coin holders.

Although I may be a leeeeeetle biased haha.

Thanks for the reply @brofund! Gonna buy some BRO coins today and see how it goes! Gonna join the BRO Discord once I have some free time so I can connect with the community and learn more about the #BRO Project!


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More and more Greeks find the way to the Cave, it feels great to be one of the first to join :)

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If you buy and hodl BRO then you will get dividends paid out in various HE tokens. The more BRO you hold, the greater the dividends.

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Thanks @scooter77! I think I am gonna buy some BRO and see what's up!

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Keep stacking your LEO bags as much as you can while the bear lasts. The year end should meet LEO at somewhere above $0.5.

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I think so too man! I see a bright future for Leo and I am hyped to be a part of the #Leofam!
Cheers @uyobong.venture

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Two very good tokens to hold.

LEO you already know and a lot of wonderful answers already in the comment section. Once the present lot of BRO are sold, that is all there will be.

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Actually I bought 37 bro some hours ago! Gonna buy more as soon as I have some more liquid Hive! I want to get in the passive income game for some time now so I also bought 100 EDS!

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I have about 625 EDS. That is a terrific one. I need to add a few more.

Take some of the gain and get then generating a revenue stream.

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I just purchased 50 more EDS myself.

You motivated me. 😁

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Hahahaha! That's a nice stash of EDS @TASKMASTER4450le!
Gonna add some more EDS to my collection too! People sleep on EDS!

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Yeah I have a feeling the ROI will be near 15% next year.

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What are EDS?

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