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You probably don't think of "Cambodia" and "blockchain" in the same sentence, but has some promising updates.

The Cambodian community on Hive consists of @Sokha, @KidSisters, @Sreypov and @RunWithMe, so it isn't exactly thriving yet, but Cambodia is no stranger to the blockchain game.

🙋‍♂️ What Is ❓

Serey (សេរី)

(1) to be free
(2) free and independent person who controls his/her own destiny is a young and promising Cambodian blockchain with its own native dApps. It's a decentralized blockchain similar to Hive.Blog, free of censorship, and contains the native Serey Coin (SRY), which is transferable and can be used for payments as well.

     Having lived in Cambodia for 10 years, and being that my primary source of income is teaching the Khmer language online during COVID-19, my interest was peaked when I discovered the blockchain a few months ago.

     If I remember correctly, I saw a post on Steem about the Serey blockchain in pre-Hive times. When I checked it out, it seemed to be a blockchain focused on Khmer language articles, so I was quite interested to produce some Khmer language content.

     In recent months a shift has occured taking into an international direction by focusing on English language posts/articles. Because I have some Khmer-related content on the Hive, I recently began submitting some of this content on with some surprising results.

     To my amazement, there is quite active curation and commenting on this blockchain, much more than Steemit. A little more research led me to discover the plans to expand dApps very soon.

     @Sreypov, the @KidSisters and I plan to eventually move back to Cambodia when they all have stronger passports, whether Surinamese, Panamanian or American. The potential of teaching Cambodians how to blog on and Hive has us very interested.

     As @Sreypov is quickly becoming a Hive Wizardess, even recently creating a post nearly solo that shattered all my records. She will be a great candidate to teach crypto-blogging to folks in the Cambodian countryside with limited options for additional income.

     We certainly don't see Hive and as competition, but rather branches on the same tree, and I think there could even be some cooperation some day.

Wallet Update 1.5.3

Bitshares - Serey DEX

     I had an interesting Discord chat this morning with @ChhayLin, the man behind the blockchain. Born in Cambodia, but educated and raised in the Netherlands, our family and Chhay Lin have lot in common.

     We live in Suriname, a former Dutch colony still using Dutch as the official language. So, we live in a world of Dutch language and are former Cambodian residents/citizens. Lin even mentioned he knows many Surinamers living in the Netherlands, and with how small this country is, I'm sure we have mutual friends.

     I had recently asked Lin about the future plans for and the SRY (Serey Coin), and whether or not the ability to spend the SRY within Cambodia or exchange it for the riel, the official currency of Cambodia.

newest update to the Serey Wallet

     Only a few days later, Lin responded with a new update which now includes the ability to hold Bitcoin Cash within Serey Wallet. The next update will integrate BitShares & Serey DEX (decentralized exchange). I launched the wallet update and was surprised to see I can now hold Bitcoin Cash within my Serey Wallet.

     Also, Serey Market is set to go LIVE very soon, so we there will be an opportunity to spend SRY in Cambodian for physical goods and services. This dApp will be a huge boost to the platform. Cambodians are already very app-savvy, with most of the country's households having at least one app-capable smartphone.

     If you actually watched the above video, a jar of recreational marijuana is one of the first products that catches your eye. Just a reminder, marijuana is still illegal in Cambodia, so you likely won't be able to purchase it via Serey Market for the foreseeable future.

new dApps coming very soon

     As you can see in the photo above, there will be a Serey Marketplace, Serey Suor (Ask) and a Serey Lottery. The lottery is very popular in Cambodia, and although I don't gamble, I think it is a very relevant dApp for the Khmer community.

     This young startup's future is very bright, and I can already imagine the possibilities of the Serey Coin's use within Cambodia. Already, there are incredibly cheap and reliable money transferring apps like WING used widely throughout the country.

     Western Union seems like antiquated technology compared to how fast and simple WING is. I can imagine a future with the ability to use Serey Coin to purchase Metfone or Smart phone credit.

     Take some time to check out, it is really nice to see someone using blockchain technology to benefit a developing country which deserves any foot up it can get.


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