Update on my hive-engine tokens

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This internet money is weird, I have never bought any of those hive-engine coins, but I have lots of them. It is funny because it makes my portfolio accidentally diversified.

Although, @proofofbrainio which is the most valuable one, is worth in total (total staked) a bit under $3, so it is not as if it is a lot of money.


Anyways, every once in a while I use peakd to power up those tokens. Most of them I do not know where do they come from, but I am not complaining. I do not know most of those tribes, but if I happen to come across and like, it is good to know I have some tokens.

So goes without saying I don't just don't plan on selling, but I am also staking whenever I can, except that pizza one (@pizzaexpress) that can not be staked.


When they create those tokens, they usually destribute them in form of airdrop. It can be related to the amount of hive you are owning, or to something else. Maybe also you are getting them by curation because you are curating the content that's using those tags.

The curation is the most likely! Thanks for the clarification, my understanding of them is very very shallow, so I don't actively participate in any of those tribes, yet.

I scratch my head when I look at my walle, too.

In the case of POB, it looks as if ARCHON also gets distributed since it is the governancce token for Proof of Brain.

For NEOXAG, BHT, and LASSECASH, I have no idea how I go those. Even after reading info about them at Hive Engine I still don't know how I got them. I'm guessing I got them in the same way others get PIZZA and BEER.

If not that, then perhaps I upvoted a comment or post which had tags for those communities as well as for the place where I found them. That seems more likely, but I don't knnow.

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