What is all this ADA-madness about?

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I don't know much about this coin nor am i willing to debase the whole project,besides who am i to debase ADA.
All i feel like is that it is already overvalued at nearly 45B market cap. I think you need to monitor the growth of a coin at all times. ADA first appeared in 2017. I remember it was around 2c and just 2-3 months later in the bull run went to $1. If this coin was truly valuable for its usability as a real world case and need coin, then it wouldn't have plummeted a few months later all the way down to $0.10, then $0.05.Am i really wrong??


The coin remained relatively low through 2018 and 2019 and not suddenly in end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 it spikes all the way up again. This coin has all the signs of pure speculation from my point of view.
It followed the same cycle like bitcoin. The price appreciated just because.... bitcoin did. Most people dont know what they are buying into. A lot of fresh money came into crypto recently. That doesnt make ADA a good coin. Maybe in the future it manages to eliminate the speculation it has to its name like all other 99% of coins around. But i would prefer to stick to a coin like AVA or maybe NOIA which are much more less of ADAs marketcap and have way more room for growth.

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NOIA for instance performed a x70 in 2020 while bitcoin's performance didn't contribute much to it. Coins with real world case are the ones to go for. Ones with solutions to everyday problems that the majority have. Faster, more reliable, safer internet. Especially with corona and lockdown, people are working from home. The networks are overloaded. While NOIA is still currently in speculation phase, that is about to end given that it is about to launch its full platform and start to earn revenue by subscription like paying a netflix account monthly.

Now if that project manages to delivers as said, that can be of great value. The majority need better internet. And its a project aiming to make money from businesses and the masses. And when we say better internet, its not just "oh, but i have fibre, i have extremely fast internet". In many countries you can have very fast Internet and still have a high ping when playing a game for example on a european server or any other continent because the internet cables are routed. Then by default, all their connections have VPN. You wont need to pay for vpn from another company. All will be encrypted by default. And the most important of all, by companies using NOIA, their websites will hardly ever go offline in a ddos attack or because of server error because noia will be able to reroute its traffic and the website will rely on another server for that time being, keeping the website online. NOIA has first approached businesses and then going to offer the service to individuals.

Now im not trying to advertise this project to you so you can buy, i have no reason to do this after all, i'm just comparing value between a low marketcap coin with real possible value vs ADA, a coin with a total supply!

This is not a Financial Advice ,i don't wanna be misunderstood!

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Noia does sound interesting.

Yes I know that Cardano is majorly hype. But with the release of the Mary testnet, isn't that like a major milestone?

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interesting article

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Sometimes it's nearly impossible to understand the overhyped cases for a couple of coins. ADA is no exception for me...

In terms of NIOA, I have not heard of it before. Yet, regarding the performance and the solutions the projects brings, it's worth spending some time to explore a promising one 😌

Thanks a lot dear, you made me curious about a coin 😎

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