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I shouldn't care that it is another red day in crypto land. I do have long term investments, but I still I do hate those days. It took a few days before the market did knew in which direction it did want to go, and we all know by now that the South direction was chosen!

So regardless of that I did add 2 new Faucets to my Faucet Crypto Portfolio. On is a microblogging site, the other is a BTC Faucet!


Satoshihere can be compared with in my opinion. But if you are willing to put in some decent amount of time, you can earn some decent Satoshi by filling in surveys.

Just like, there is the possibility to have a spin at the wheel of fortune.
Each 30 minutes you do have a chance of winning 125000 Sats! Not one attempt but three attempts. But mostly you will win 1 or 2 Sats. My average after 87 claims is 1.5 Sat per claim. So let's say you could win up to 9 sats per hours. Which is more than you could claim at Betfury for instance.

The surveys do cost time, don't believe the indication of time. And sometimes after answering the first couple of question, they do let you know that you are not the targeted audience for the specific survey. This would result into a reward of 8 sats.

Just like most faucets you can try to gamble you way into millions, but the ante is pretty high for most games, so watch out or you will get burned.

The withdrawal has been set to 30000 sats, will try it out when I do reach that. At the moment after 1 days of trying out I do have 1000 sats. But I did loose some while trying out the games :(

Still for the moment a great addition to my faucet portfolio!
Feel free to use my referral link:

Noise is a microblogging site where you can earn BCH. While it looks promising there are some flaws, which you do need to understand.

After creating an account, you should link a BCH wallet address to your profile, otherwise you will miss some payouts. You do get rewarded for writing articles and scoring upvotes, by upvoting other posts and by writing decent comments.
More or less just like on Hive. The differences are that they payouts are directly send to your wallet. And not every upvote will result into a payout.

Hidden there is some reputation system, the higher your reputation is, the more chance that an upvote you do score is converted into a payout.

If you want to earn some money, you will have to create a network, which of course takes time. They do have a #leofinance, #proofofbrain and #hive chamber.
The chambers can be compared with the communities on Hive.

After a first day of testing it out, I did earn 0,00117664 BCH or 0.56 euro. Not a lot but things do add up. The pro is that it is directly send to your wallet. You could link a Celcius BCH wallet too, meaning that you will also start earning interest on your earnings.

It is relativity fresh, so there are still some flaws in the system. Lot's of spam but you can block those users and grade them as spammer, which should result for them into a decreased income. While this doesn't like fair, it is sometime which you should do.

You can find me on here:
Feel free to drop me a comment here or there, to let me know that you are also already part of

I will try it out for at least a month and see what revenue it generates, but I do have the feeling that it can turn into a major player in my faucet portfolio!


At the moment I am using the following faucets:


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Cool! I learned about that last month and the payouts are indeed legit. I linked it to my local mobile wallet which fortunately accepts BCH and was getting transfers for every $0.01 I got which at that time drove me crazy (I forgot to set my minimum withdrawal at that time).

Loved it! Although I don't think it was for me since I really suck at engaging especially towards strangers to which I think at the moment is is mostly for.

Will follow you later once I am on mobile :)

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I did beat you and did find you already :)
It is indeed hard to make new connections and that is what is needed to grow. They have some kind of hidden reputation system, which does increase or decrease the change on gettig some BCH.

I am glad you found a couple more winners for you. I have seen other people posting about, but I have personally been waiting for project blank to come out. I think I would be far more likely to post on something like that versus another chain. That is kind of why I stopped using Publish0x.

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We all have to make choices. Don’t know project blank.
I still post on Publish because those posts do tend to score better referrals.
Why don’t you upvote a few times a day on Publishox. This way you still could earn some eth. Two times a day is enough because the first two upvotes do have more value!

I will have to think about it. Hive already has be spread pretty thin. Project Blank is the microblogging app that Leo is working on. It will basically be like Twitter, but decentralized and on the blockchain.

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So blank indeed looks interesting.
I also do have the idea that some people did stop blogging. Like always happens when the market goes down.
Did you already dink a !BEER today :)

Yeah, things have been a bit slower lately. I don't know if it is the market or just the time of year or a combination of both...

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Probably forgot that the weather is getting better. Happens when you do work from home since the first of March 2020 :(

Yeah, I can only imagine. I am happy that I have been able to come into my office and get things done for the past year or so.

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Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER from @fullcoverbetting for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Some people say pays really well but for me it didn't do much. Was just string of $0s lol.

I did earn $0.5 in the first day! :) My first step to a million 😂
Will look you up at I do assume that you do have the same name there!

Every journey starts with a single step lol. I wish i could remember my username on there.. gave up pretty fast.

Can’t find this one, so it must be a different one 😂

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Good for Satoshi Hero :)

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I do have doubt that Satoshihero will kast long in my portfolio!
Surveys are way to long and I almost never qualify. Spinning the wheels earn around 8sats oer hour. Which is better than Betfury but they do offer cheaper gambling.
But it is good for you as you are my referred 😁

Exactly, referrals are the way to fortune :)

But, HIve is not the best platform to get them, I am afraid.

I know publish is much better for that.

Did you already had an account on freebitco?

Yes, for many years.

Of course, this amount is spread across all those years ...

Sweet! Very sweet!