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RE: Why You Need To Be Hyper Aware Of What Crypto You Invest In Next

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51% attack is what happened with STEEM right? After collusion happened with the exchanges and many of the Steem witnesses joined hands with Justin Sun?

But I get it that these POW blockchains you mentioned above are more prone to this.

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I'll be honest with you I still don't know what happened with all of that. All I knew is I was pissed at the time and figured a big investment of mine went belly up because of a few ass hats lol.

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LMAO. No problem @bitcoinflood.

I am sorry that you lost money because of that bullshit. I wish Hive will make you a whole lot more.

I know for a fact that such a thing won't happen here. We will not let one person own the whole network. And as we move on, we will definitely observe more decentralization of power among the community members.

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