Three top alt coins to invest while all others get dumped

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Top cryptos for the long run

If you looked at coinmarketcap at the time this post was created, everything was red. Except for a few tokens. Why? What makes them so special? I took a little dive only to realize how easily these tokens stand out from the rest. Let's talk about three of them, all going beyond the "price speculation" threshold.

Hyperion — #57 on coinmarketcap

Drawing maps has always been incredibly expensive. If you do not have access to satellites like Google does, you will probably not be able to craft one of your own without a lot of time and money. But even Google Maps has its flaws. A huge piece of land called Sandy Island was displayed on it until a couple of years ago. It's gone now, though. Because it never existed! That's how imprecise Google Maps can be.

The way landscapes are always changing thanks to the actions of humans and Earth itself also leads to even more time and money consuming processes. Whenever a road is built anywhere or a volcano erupts, existing paths from point A to B around events like these suffer many changes.

Hyperion's utility is clearly profitable because maps are really important to literally everyone. How can we get around if we don't know where anything is? Even traffic navigation apps need to stay constantly updated. Open access to this kind of information is important to individuals, but even more so to businesses.

On top of that, the Hyperion blockchain has recently gotten upgrades. It is clearly growing towards its goal. If it were stagnated, then it would be a reason to dump. But its development process seems to be going even better than originally planned as Hyperion 3.0 demonstrates.

Loopring — #54 on coinmarketcap

Decentralized exchanges are hard to build and maintain despite being very profitable, so of course the Loopring Protocol and its investor token, the Loopring token itself, are always valuable. Its dump periods are a bit sparser and much lighter than other tokens because holding it is of great interest to existing investors.

Besides using the protocol itself to keep their own DEXes up to date, which requires development, and therefore financial maintenance, the token pays dividends in a DEX where anyone holds it. Unless the development team shows signs of failure, which they haven't yet as version 3.0 of their protocol was released just last year, there won't be a gigantic dump anytime soon.

DigiByte — #40 on coinmarketcap

So, this is just one more blockchain with support to sub-tokens, like ETH or EOS, but this time in the shape of ERC30 tokens. What makes it unique is how easy they've made it so anyone can create their own assets. The user experience they've tailored is absolutely fantastic, so absolutely any enthusiast can test it with ease. They're called DigiAssets.

The fact that they've spent a lot in order to promote themselves early on has made all the difference. DigiByte has never lost its hype nor popularity.


Is the DigiByte related to the Byte Ball or something that we got as an airdrop ( from steem times) ?

It is not! DigiByte is DGB. Byte Ball is GBYTE.

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