We should always be grateful for good health

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How do we feel whenever we are down or sick which will always prevent or deprive us from doing so many things especially things we love doing most.

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Health they say is "wealth" because without having a good health we can't have a proper way of living due to illness because good health is a way to handle stress and living a longer and active life.

This actually means that having a good health is a resource to support an individual’s function in the society with a healthful lifestyle that provides full life with purpose.

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We should always be grateful for good health because there are so many illness out there. Good health is a sign of being in a complete physical mental state and also a well social being with absence of disease or infirmities.

Health issues especially Mental and physical health are probably the most frequently types of health with emotional, spiritual, and financial health also partake in the overall health.

Nobody prays to be sick so in other to avoid such, regular exercise with balanced nutrition and also adequate relaxation all contribute to a good health. Though others receive medical treatment to maintain the balance when it occurs.

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Physical activities well-being such as pursuing a healthful lifestyle decreases the risk of disease or infirmity and also maintaining physical fitness can also protect and develop the habit of a person’s breathing and heart function, muscular strength and body composition to have a healthy life.

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However, Physical and mental health both have strong connections for instance, if a chronic illness affects one's ability to complete their regular tasks, it may occur or lead to depression and stress in such a person's life. These feelings could be result of financial problems or situation of mobility.

There are people out there who are down at the moment due to one illness or the other and hope to regain that healthy life again.

Healthy life matters so we should be grateful

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