Ask leo: converting HBD to Hive is it the best move to take at the moment

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The Crypto market have been down likewise the Hive price been down as well due to dip in the bear market which have affected most Investments from gaining profits due to the low price.


This however have created an opportunity in utilizing the bear market especially in the hive blockchain where accumulating more Hive in the blockchain is the best move to take at the moment but at the same time it requires the step to take in accumulating the Hive token.

We currently know that HBD is a stablecoin and it is really maintaining it $1 price which varies around that amount for a while now and main looking at the market how it is trending with the heavy dip in price, converting HBD to Hive will be awesome in accumulating enough Hive for future purposes.

The Hive price is down doesn't mean investing in hive is down as well because Crypto prices changes and in other not to miss the opportunity that might occur sooner or later, acquiring more hive will be beneficial for more profits soon.

We know that HBD also is a good investment at the moment as we are all experiencing and benefiting from the interest rate applied to it when been saved or stored in savings which also is a pretty move to take especially seeing it price maintaining it stability in the Crypto market.

Despite that the bear market needs to be utilized and in taking the advantage of it requires converting the stablecoin to hive for future purposes which also is a pretty move to take.


I tried checking how many Hive can be gotten from 100 HBD which is 266 Hive and that definitely is an opportunity to invest on more Hive when converting HBD to Hive though it is a personal choice but a rightful decision to take in utilizing the bear market.

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Technically converting hbd to hive is the best for now and I have adopted this strategy just as you have correctly said thanks 😊 for this wonderful idea keep the good work going man 💪

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It's a pleasure and thanks for stopping by

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