Warning For Hive Dapps - How Splinterlands Ruined The User Experience With SPS Success Story

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How many chains do you know that had a token released on 2nd layer exceed marketcap of parent chain on Day 1? I know only 1 of them and that's Hive & our lovely airdrop for SPS DAO. Collective value of all Splinterlands assets is 2X marketcap of Hive. Market rates won't stay the same forever. But that could also mean Splinterlands NFTs & Tokens being worth 3X Hive or even more!

It's all been a huuuuuggggeee success! I'm super grateful for the dev team for what they delivered. I'm earning almost $200/Day on airdrops. Rest of my NFTs are worth a lot more now. But......

Beware The Success [Rant]

There were already scaling issues with Splinterlands servers before airdrop happened. While the hype was super high - user experience was taking a big hit. Nobody enjoys being told they can't be playing their favorite game. People were already super impressed about the potential:

comment from @basilmarples was on my 1st post on SPS airdrop & marketcap. This is a perfect opportunity to really take Splinterlands to Moon. But we can't use all that potential because our beloved Dapp wasn't prepared for scaling.

New Accounts


Data comes from @splinterlands account

Custom Json Transactions



This data is from @dalz (follow him for tons of regular data on various blockchains you might be interested in)

Game Went Into Maintenance

Didn't Change Much For Me

It did feel my gameplay was interrupted less often after maintenance. Not sure if it was players leaving or servers being upgraded or both. What I know is that user spike was bigger than what even Splinterlands devs were expecting!

We'll See More Of These

Splinterlands is the 1st to make a massive success like this. I loved CubFinance had millions in marketcap in Day 1. I've added almost all of my earnings to CUB. I'm 100% happy with outcome. But SPS beat all of those records.

Now do you guys think we won't see the same for #ProjectBlank or #SpkNetwork ? I'm sure this is going to become a more common thing. No matter how much we brag - Hive Dapps aren't ready for normies to come in!

Are We Ready For Million Signups In 1 Day?

  • Telegram went through this
  • TikTok went through this
  • New AAA games go through this

We have to go through this. We've got better alternatives to mainstream centralized services. We don't treat the user as a product. If you check https://d.buzz there's so many features you won't even find on Twitter! Follow @dbuzz to see their feature announcemnts.

If we get real exposure - we'll have to onbaord at least 1000+ users every hour. That's what it means to go viral. All of us on blockchain knows we have what it takes to beat mainstream apps. Hell - we want this massive onboarding to happen!


Those are the numbers we've got right now. Splinterlands took many days to double their user base. That's only a small glimpse of what is to come. We are not ready for what is to come!

I'm Happy To Make This Rant :)

Most crypto fail. Most of crypto that doesn't fail still suck. Take ETH Dapps with fees that are worth more than a meal. I can't afford any of those. Most people can't. Even out of the ones that are cheap - not all are fun to use. There's too many boring games on EOS, Tron, BSC etc.

Splinterlands is among best of best. That's why I'm even able to make this rant. We've got a problem of too many users - not too little. But if we're not going to handle 1000 signups/day how the hell are we going to handle 1 million/day ???

I'm Having A Good Time

Day 2.png

Day 2 has even more SPS airdropped. You bet I staked them all. There won't be any selling for a long long time. I'm going to HODL like I HODL my CUB in Kingdoms.

But things could be better. I could be playing with a smoother experience. We all could be having a smoother time on Web 3.0

We just need the Dapps to be ready for the load.

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It's exciting to see what could happen over the next couple of years.

This is just the first of many. Project blank, speak network, muterra. Any of them could do the same and with success we would see more devs come in to follow with their own projects.

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Damn it! I didn't even know about MuTerra. Just figured out what it is.

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@niallon11! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

They have been building nicely over the past while and getting near to full launch.

It looks very promising.

Do you know that I almost forgot about SPK and #projectblank airdrop for a minute there! Wow!

I heard something about the server being overloaded or so, I honestly didn’t think that could happen. I wonder how long it takes to upgrade server. It’s something I’ll like to know.

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Do you know that I almost forgot about SPK and #projectblank airdrop for a minute there! Wow!

We've got so many things going on :)

I wonder how long it takes to upgrade server.

No clue. But I'm 100% sure there's going to be lots of upgrades. These Dapps are going to have millions of DAU.

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i dont even really know about SPK. Is that a 3speak thing? Whats the airdrop deal?
Great article by the way. Good to raise the point about our blockchain not being entirely ready for the dreams we have!

You can learn more at https://spk.network There's some super complex tokenomics planned. You'll see enough people talk about airdrop when it happens.



@basilmarples! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (2/10)

I'm sure these delays will get resolved soon enough, my airdrops are smaller but I'm determined to stack up assets to try to raise that number in the near future

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Good Luck!

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this is just a nice update with some data that I really like

Great post and good luck!