This NFT On Rising Star Can Be Important - I've Loaded Up :)

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So I've been getting myself ready for higher missions these days. The recent 502 Bad Gateway got in the way. I had taken few screenshots of my preparations. So I can blog about that while the site gets back up :)

It's About Petrol

8 Cards.png

Mark my words noobs!
The NFTs are going to get very important.

From what I can see from where I'm in the game I should be able to pull off all but 1 mission if I've got 10 Can Of Petrol NFT. Count Above and you'll see 8.

Withdraw Some Funds


I was only 2 NFTs short and I've got them now. It's going to have a real use case in the game & it's going to be an asset everyone is going to buy. 1st mission after Local Gig Circuit needs 5 Can Of Petrol. If more players flock in........ we'll be stuck with very little supply.

Made It To 10

10 Cards.png

Good Luck Devs!

Making stuff on blockchain can be tough. I for one has made 0 stuff on blockchain. So I appreciate what you guys are trying to do here.

Rising Star Is Actually A DeFi Dapp

It's an interesting take by your's truly :) I hope you guys will give you a new way to look at things. You can get started on

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The market around NFT is getting even more popular. Such a crazy thing!

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