It's Only Day 1 of DAO Airdrop & Splinterlands Is Worth 2X Hive - I'm Making Almost $200/Day

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What on Earth....
How on Earth....
Holy Heavens!!!

These numbers are making all that hours and hours and hours into Splinterlands all worth it. I've never even counted how much I've invested into the game. I knew it's super early & I knew it's all going to pay off in ROI regardless of what price I get in.

I Just Looked To Claim My Airdrop & This Shows Up :)

I saw prices at $0.20 before I got the airdrop. Thought they might fall from that. I mean that's the kind of price action we've seen. We saw something similar with CUB and even LEO when near the airdrop time.

Does Anyone Know What Pre-Sale Prices Were?

It'd be a nice piece of info to have. I'm sure anyone who bought is now happy. It's perfectly fine to sell now. You can always buy back later at better prices. We've got lots of traders on LEO. I know you guys want to try & get best of prices.

I've Staked Mine

There's kind of a passive safety ere. I've known the amount of work that goes to good trading. I've traded crypto a lot. Staking although gives lower rewards it comes at less effort. That's why I love all these types of crypto passive income.

My Day 1 Balance

I Know It's Too Early To Stake

But I want to keep things simple. My plan to grow my SPS over time. It's the same as what I did with other Splinterlands investments. I don't care about price I enter at when I know ROI is going to be huge anyways!

I don't want to stress & obsess over money/crypto. I want to be on a path of growth where I earn more in a sustainable way. Staking and other DeFi stuff gets me there.

SPS Isn't Splinterlands


Check that out! No wonder my market value on is growing like crazy. The NFTs are being worth more and more.

Oh Wait!

I just went there to get a screenshot. I was expecting some nice numbers by now. I was thinking of maybe $9,000 for my NFTs. Holy heavens I didn't expect this this soon!!!


$23,355.32 Using List Prices

Thank You!
Thank You!!
Thank You!!!

I feel almost blessed. I've made the right choices with my investments. I think SPS is just another beginning for a similar type of investment. All of this is result of Splinterlads NFT marketcap growing.

There's DEC,Land, Skins, Totems etc.

All of those are going to have to be added to marketcap too. Once you add them Hive marketcap is going to look tiny.


Those are some rookie numbers :) Dapps have overtaken the layer 1 chain that power the Dapps. I remember @taskmaster4450 even talk about these possibilities. It became real. All of us (including yours truly) who said games will be what brings masses to Hive... now we've got proof in real marketcap.

Dapps are Hive's lifeblood. Blogging is still important. But onbaording needs to happen from gaming. DeFi could be another awesome addition. I've been thinking of delegating to @dlux-io I might actually do it soon.

We've Made History Today - 364 More Days To Go

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its all gone a bit bonkers. Neal was saying on discord that a tract could feasibly be worth 100k at current prices.... I almost died. Who would have thought that buying some digital farmland might turn out to be the best financial investment Ive ever made in my life?
Anyway, Im not getting carried away.... I know theres hype, and prices will change. But Im not selling. This ones for the long-haul!

Neal was saying on discord that a tract could feasibly be worth 100k at current prices

That does make sense. I only own 21 Plots. At worst I think that could be $100 each. $1000 is still pretty realistic. I spent $10 - $12 per Plot I think after buying DEC cheap and pre-sale participation etc.



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