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There's tons of dead coins in crypto. It's like dot com bible. It's like zombie companies in the stock market. It's to be expected since we are in a market that is very new to the world that as the potential to change the fate of human civilization. It's serious stuff & research is hard. I'm gonna make that research a lot easier by sharing this super amazing tool I use to analyze crypto when I want to check fundamentals.

No Devs - No Life

Crypto is a fast moving sector with new coins & new innovations popping up from around the world. If the coin doesn't have much development most of the time it's a sign of bad time to come. Sometimes it could be because of some differences in development methods. If the project is on GitLab instead of GitHub, it might be invisible to CryptoMiso.

LTC - The Biggest Dead Coin

That's 6 commits in a full year for a coin with $4,977,537,596 daily volume and $4,970,454,757 It doesn't make snese & that's why I'm concerned. Status as "silver to BTC gold" may keep things afloat for a while. But that won't be forever.

How's BTX?

Despite all its issues, we've got a project that's actually being worked on by a considarably big community. That's at least meaning things won't be too bad for BTC HODL investors. Bitcoin Cash is keeping up well too:

Popular Smart Contract Platforms

Few Other Crypto Worth Paying Attention - Most Underrated Crypto

It's just not fair & just to have #PIVX at #256 in marketcap. It's just such a great project with so much innovations in privacy. Marketcap is only $24,385,785 It's the best crypto to do zero knowledge privacy and 1st (and only AFAIK) to do Proof od Stake zk-SNARKs

Top Crypto Ranked Based On GitHub Activity

  1. Chainlink · LINK
  2. Lisk · LSK
  3. aelf · ELF
  4. Bitcoin · BTC
  5. Zeusshield · ZSC
  6. PIVX · PIVX
  7. Bitcoin Cash · BCH
  8. Storj · STORJ
  9. Loki · LOKI
  10. Bancor · BNT
  11. Auroracoin · AUR
  12. TRON · TRX
  13. Raiden Network Token · RDN
  14. Mysterium · MYST
  15. Holo · HOT
  16. Qtum · QTUM
  17. ParallelCoin · DUO
  18. Status · SNT
  19. 0x · ZRX
  20. Zcash · ZEC

Hope my research helped you :) I got into this research while replying to @revise.leo If you find these type of content informative give it a vote and a reblog.

All data sourced from & @coingecko

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grandioso acabo de comprar LTC sigue ahí así que no importa la gente confía en el recuerda es el segundo.
igual que doge sigue ahí.

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