Criminals Destroyed My dCity Income - Then I Sold The Too Cheap

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There's tons of new updates coming to Hive games it's hard to keep up. I was seeing I had waaay too many workers needed to hire for some time. I didn't look into it enough & enjoyed the passive income I was getting. Things were already getting worse and I missed it. It's good that I take the occasional screenshot and keep them safe.

How It Looked November 19th (2020)


Disaster I Was Looking At Today


  • Popularity hit rock bottom
  • I had lost popularity bonus for the population
  • I lost population because of this and my cards weren't making income because lack of workers
  • I wasn't getting Immigrants/Homeless as usual because popularity drop
  • I wasn't going to automatically get my buildings filled with workers

Newly Introduced Criminals

@dcitygame had already posted about this over month ago. Here's the post When crime happens, one of the player citizen cards turn into a criminal card. Crime breeds more crime.

Chance for that is reversed Crime probability, so if a player has a 20% chance for crime they also have an 80% chance to get a Criminal citizen.


You Can Covert Them For SIM

Criminal Convert.png

I Made A Huuuge Mistake!

I wasn't going to burn the cards for 1 SIM each just to get rid of -350 popularity as long as there was an option. Cards on market was selling for high prices. I thought I'll just sell for 10 SIM each and get over it.

My Cards Didn't Even Show Up On Market


Selling happened so fast. I think it's a trading bot. The card sale was super undervalued compared to everything else on market. There's bots trying to make use of this opportunity. They aren't used to how markets vale new cards yet! (At least I think it's the case)

My Newly Refined dCity


Take not how popularity improved. This leads to;

  • Bigger population
  • More income from buildings
  • Reduced popularity from some buildings like Military Industrial Complex
  • 10% extra chance of getting new citizens

Hope this post led to making better judgement & have a better time on Hive. I'll try to post when I spot good lessons like this.

PS: If you cross post on or you'll be earning 1 TRX for 1 SP you own. More on Steem + Tron intergration

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But it's good fun 😜

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And I'm still making decent passive income. So it's cool :)

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