Short term token goals for this account

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Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed your 4-20 celebration if that's your thing. I have a few updates/ plans I'd like to discuss in this post. Like always this is subject to change but here are my intentions. I also have a few specific strategies on how to achieve these goals but I will discuss that in a separate post.

My strategy is to focus on one token at a time and put spare resources into powering up whichever token I am currently working on. Right now that token is LEO. Once the goal is achieved I will move on to the next token. Tokens listed are in no particular order necessarily.

Here are my short term upvote/ token power goals, starting with goals already achieved. These numbers include delegation from my main account. Upvote value listed is best guess average

Weed Power - goal: 1420 total Achieved

HUSTLER - goal: 100k HP Achieved

LEO - goal upvotes worth at least .004 LEO @ 75% .

To achieve this the actual goal is for each upvote to be worth around .007 - just like James Bond lol I don't have a specific LEO power goal but my best estimate is that will need to be around 75-100 to achieve this.

Current LEO power 19.567

Upvote value .001 to .002

POB- goal: upvotes worth .5 POB @ 75%

Current POB power 66.2

Upvote value .19

VIBES-goal: upvotes worth 1 VIBES @75%

Current VIBES power 472

Upvote value .65-.7

CTP goal: same upvote amount as LEO goal

Current CTP power 6.01

Upvote value less than .001

HIVE Power: I will just let this grow organically from posts curation etc. No real goals here at the moment

As you can see I am making progress. I am also done with adding fresh funds into Hive for the moment ( I have some funds on my main account that I may use here but I am undecided). I'd like to see how I can grow this account from here with earnings from posting ,curation, gaming (on my main account) and some other fun strategies /opportunities that are coming soon like VFT labs.

Once the goals for each token have been met I will start the cycle over again with new higher goals.

This is all fun stuff for me. I will make another post soon on how I plan to achieve these goals leveraging VFT labs (once it launches)

Thanks for reading


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I'm upvoting this from POB so you'll get more POBs!

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