Quick Account Update

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Disclaimer: The strategies discussed are not financial advice. They are simply my thoughts, intentions and actions. They can and likely will change over time.

This post is just a quick update for the sake of communication/ transparency. I will write more later.

I am trying out something new. I am going to curate VIBES (musicforlife) content on my main account starting in a couple of days. I'm waiting for my delegation to return to my main account and I'll be curating that content mostly from that account that account moving forward.

I have also delegated 50 POB power to my main account from this account and revoked the previous delegation to this account. This delegation of 50 POB power is temporary. I built this account with assets from my main account now this account is kind of paying it forward/ back , if that makes sense. I will be curating POB content from both accounts, hence the change in delegations to split the assets.

I will continue my LEO curation at this account ,but I may also delegate some LEO power to may main account . I have noticed a lot of VIBES and POB content is also tagged for LEO finance so there may be value in splitting up my leo power among the two accounts. I haven't decided on that yet.

That's it for the major recent changes . I will try to make another post and do another giveaway soon.
Thanks for reading



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