People don't want to miss out.

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Sorry I missed a couple days.

Yes, people don't want to miss out.

When the Amazon job posting came to light, investors for Bitcoin come out of the ether. Wow.

But you know what? By not being involved all the time they are missing out anyway.

Those of us that show up on Hive every day know this. We show up, we work it, we accumulate for the future. We know what it is all about.

To tell the truth, even after Amazon retracted that news, I was surprised to see Bitcoin retreat (somewhat surprised). As where there is smoke there is fire.

And one article I read, Amazon did not say they will never accept Bitcoin. My take is that they will at some point. And it must have been missed news because there was a quick note that Elon Musk and Telsa may start accepting Bitcoin again. After a 'Green' audit.

And I just totally lost my thoughts. Lol

Let me just say, I cannot wait to see where we are with crypto, Bitcoin, Hive, Leo, and the rest by 2030.



Amazon will still replace their fiat reserve with Bitcoin like Microstrategy is doing, it is inevitable

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Yeah I saw it, it’s only a matter of time. Thanks to ever devaluing fiat.

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