See Through The FUD There's A Lot Going On

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See Through The FUD There's A Lot Going On

If you are an investor yourself or just starting out one of the things you should learn to do is to control your emotions when it comes to investing. You'll often hear things like FOMO and FUD which stand for Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)

Those of these things trigger emotions on the extreme on both ends. FOMO happens towards the end of a massive bull run as people fear they are missing out and need to now get in. This often sets these people up to take the brunt of the sell off when it happens and claims it's all a scam etc. Same thing goes for stocks a hot stock shows up they wait and wait and then at the last moment feel they are missing out and want to be a part of it and buy in.

FUD happens when all you see in the headlines is news about the a sell off further sparking more panic and selling or the government cracking down on crypto, banning it, hacks and so forth. Right now we are in a HEAVY FUD period of time where all they can talk about is the crash and the government trying to after 11 years pass regulations on crypto which still seem to really be going no where.

Let's pause from all of that for a moment and take at the real headlines you should be looking at. They are the things going on in the background right now that are priming crypto for stable ground to launch off of. This is what we call a Hodlers game. It's a long term play on this heavy sell offs.

JPMorgan Trillions Into DeFi

In recent news JPMorgan is looking to inject trillions of dollars worth into DeFi and crypto. This will come in the shape of a more traditional asset in which they control you know how banks are. But that starts to open up the path for more investors to get involved and while I'm sure JPMOrgan will take a heavy cut of the profits at least it opens the possibility of those funds to enter into other defi platforms after people get a feel for it. Those attractive APR rights might be worth the risk for some investors. It's funny how a man once blasting crypto is in realities adopting it like crazy.

Luna and Regulations

The mess of LUNA and the more details that continue to come out of it show that Unfortantlly some form of regulation is needed and there are too many bad actions with ill intentions of fuel their own pockets while scamming others. Because of this EU and most likely other countries will continue to step up efforts on regulations and to hold people like this accountable because sadly online you just can't do it yourself.

While many including myself look poorly on regulations it's actully going to be a necessary evil to fight evil that continues to stifle the growth of crypto. With regulation will come more money from investors and more money from investors sparks massive rallies.

GPU mining Dead?

GPU mining for me I felt was dead for a long time now. It's expensive and sucks a ton of power in order to produce blocks for Ethereum. There are more efficient ways of securing a blockchain and Ethereum will be one of the first largest players to try it out. This to me is going to lead to a few things. Some great deals on GPUs over the next few years and all of that money that was used for buildings, taxes, leases, power etc will instead be invested directly into the tokens themselves thus increasing the value of them.

Imagine for a moment how much money was spent on GPUs, Power, Buildings, Cooling and other things for mining Ethereum. Now take all of that or even a fraction of it and dump it directly into the Ethereum token because that's all you need to do to mine it now and you got yourself one heck of a possible moon shot coming.

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