Inflation The Bear Market and Crypto

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Inflation The Bear Market and Crypto

While I'm not some economist expert nor do I want to be ever as it's just not my thing I feel it's important to always keep an eye on all things and build accordingly.


The newest inflation report just dropped and yet again even with the interest rate hike, high gas prices and for the most part everything being just stupid expensive inflation remains high. In fact it came in at a all time high of 8.6%

While most felt the peaks were over as we saw 8.5% drop by a little to 8.3% this new report shows we are not out of it yet nor do I think we will be any time soon.

Personally I feel our inflation issue is not about supply chain issues but instead a weakening of the USD. Again not a economist expect but when you throw all the BS to the side it's clear at least to me that the USD is just not worth as much on the world stage as it once was. Throw in our government wasting more and more money and freely sending it over seas and it's a constant huge drain on its peg.

The Bear Market

The funny thing about a bear market is you don't realize you're in it until months later. The last bear market lasted from 2018 to 2020 a two year span. My hopes is this will be cut down once again and only last roughly 6 months - 12 months which would put us at the end of this year. While everyone is all up in arms about the crypto price right now when you zoom out you quickly realize we are at the bottom of the last dip just one year ago. Yup in July of 2021 the crypto market cap crashed to $1.3 trillion and that was in the height of the hype phase!


Personally I feel this news and other news related to it only prove that people need to start entering the world stage and get into crypto! Imagine putting your money into a bank for them to load it out at 7%+ and give you 1%. With crypto you can freely loan, stake or do any number of things with your crypto that can earn you 10% or higher.

In fact HBD decentralized stable coin right here on Hive pays out a 20% APR. That at least puts you ahead of the curve but inflation is taking a huge chunk at 8% Defi platforms such as CUBDeFi, PolyCub and PancakeSwap offering up in most cases 40%+ these types of platforms are looking to offset banks and if done correctly and smartly and operating like a bank they actully pose a serious risk to the banking system and returning power back into the hands of people!

To me crypto is the single last effort that has the power of restoring freedoms to people that have been taken. Its a way to change things in a ever changing world that's starting become more oppressive and controlling to its people. That's why I made the choice almost a year ago now to go fully into crypto to make a living while leaving my main FIAT business in the hands of others.

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Learn to love bears. And love with them

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We are in a very painful period that unfortunately is going to get worse. For crypto, fiat, and stocks. It's not looking great. The best thing to do is slowly stack crypto in my opinion.

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Personally I feel this news and other news related to it only prove that people need to start entering the world stage and get into crypto!

I’m with you on that, but UST saga did ensure people feel otherwise. It’ll take time to move on and reconvince people

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Bitcoin and land. This next recession is gonna be wild.

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