HPU Or Token Power Up Day?

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I honestly wasn't going to write an article tonight. Some days I'm just beat after working a lot but I almost feel obligated now to write about something in an attempt to attract more people to the platform. I figure this article would reflect well and maybe offer some guidance to others for Hive Power Up day or HPUD.



Personally I am part of the HODL gang always have been most likely always will be since 2013. I believe at some point many of these cryptos will be worth 10x or better and so far I have to say I haven't been wrong. Even little reward cryptos like DOGE or REDD have gone from earning tons for free back in the day to now staking $50+ daily but I continue to HODL and stake them. Call me crazy but I think I honestly just have a crypto hording problem lol

Will I sell?

Maybe one day but never all of it. If for some reason I seriously need the money for something or had a chance to change my life in terms of accomplishing some of the goals I have like building my own house on my own lot than yes I most likely would sell some.



I get Hive Power Up Day it's a way to get people invovled and show off their holdings and invest more into Hive. But I for one after every post simply go right into Leodex.io or Hives wallet and click POWER UP! On the daily if not hourly!

Because every second I don't power up means that hive is not earning anything in terms of interest.

If the price of HBD is over $1 I on the internal market as soon as it comes in.

Because I know HBD should be $1 and I'm not into playing the greedy game there. I'm perfectly happy with the bigger conversion rate which means I get to stake MORE HIVE!

This also goes for all tokens on Hive Engine. These get staked daily as they come in. While I might make a few sales here and there depending on changes within the tribes etc. For the most part it all gets staked or the sold goes to buying miners.

In fact today I used about 450 Hive in total.

50 went to powering up + 10 or so from post and curation rewards.
The rest went to buying miners.


The Long Play

What miners did I pick up you ask?
BRO - Bro coin - I like the payouts on this one. Even owning a few can land you some good rewards to start staking up across many tokens within Hive Engine and I believe they will just keep adding to it. Owner or Owners are totally transparent and continue to interact with the community and help each other out.

DHEDGE - I don't know much about this one I haven't dug into it but I know it pays out other rewards such as EOS and Doge etc. For me that's pretty sweet I get to earn other crypto outside of Hive by investing in this one.

Worker BEE - My worker bee lot is pretty small so I added a few more. Goal is to pick up even more here over the months just incase for some reason I decide to go all in and start up a tribe or do something cool on the engine. With that it means I need BEE so I'd rather start staking now than later.

There are a few others I would have liked to have bought but lack in HIVE liquid made that not possible this round. However next week depending on prices I'll most likely be looking at these.

CTPM - Mines CTP token which while it's down a bit right now I know they have some cool stuff lined up and know they are working hard. I invest in miners because they are a long term HODL play.

In fact I still HODL my LEOMM miners from when I picked them at the start.

VIBESM - I like this project simply because I know a few music artists I work with and new possibilities to gain exposure are always welcomed. It looks like this project is going well and the roadmap is looking good so far.

Besides that there's not to much else I'm into at the moment. LEO of course but for me the miners are still a little high for me to pick up and I'd rather just buy the LEO outright instead.

Are there any projects you really enjoy and think are good investments here on HIVE? Please comment them below with any details so I can check them out.


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Your info helps a lot for me to try and understand this stuff. Want you to know I appreciate it.

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Happy to help, I know when I first got started in all of this many years ago it's a lot to take in.

Indeed. Tons of info.

I also like LBI, INDEX and EDS.

Right now LBI does not give dividends but I am putting this into a long-term investment and gives me more exposure to CUB since I did not put much into the pool.

As for INDEX, I like it because it gives me a little bit of tokens everyday. I don't have much but I trust the team behind CTP and I think it will do well.

For EDS, its similar to LBI but it returns HIVE every week. The idea of get rich slowly makes sense to me since I think HIVE will also go up in price over time.

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Yo another REDD HODLer here! I have some in a wallet from many years ago but haven't been able to use their desktop app for one reason or another.

I'm heavily into the VIBES token being a part time music producer and full time dnb fan!

As for BRO, that's a good token to have and if you have some other tokens staked that you aren't sure what to do with, you can just delegate them to brofi and then you will earn BRO which then gets you more tokens to delegate and so on so it feeds itself!

CTP is great too, I'm hodling them and looking forward to seeing what's going on with their developments too.

I feel like REDD could do very well when it got added to stakecube that for sure helped and looks like a lot of these other staking platforms are adding it too.

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I have it on a paper wallet so going to have to figure out how to get it out of that and in to a staking platform - do you know of any other way I could access that other than the official REDD wallet that takes weeks to sync with the blockchain?

Utopis have a nice return too!

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I do have some of that as well. Just not enough of them to give me much HIVE. Would for sure be awesome getting a nice fat stack of HIVE every week or two!

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I'm migrating all my earnings to CUB. Call me crazy but I can't stop!

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You most likely are in a good spot. I see CUB going to $10 if not more.

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Same here!

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All of my Liquid Hive goes into buying LEO and various Dividend Tokens. It's a great way to build your portfolio. Rest everything I sell or stake to make my profoflio more extensive. Want to create an empire of different assets. Just need one of them to change to my life. 🤑

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