From FUD To Rally Why Do People Still Listen?

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The markets took a dump for about 3 weeks after a massive bull run for about 9 months and 1000% increases so countless projects and cryptocurrency. Even large banks and institutions have bought into bitcoin.

Well today that's for the most part all gone away and it's extremely funny how much a majority of people watch the news daily and base their investment decisions on it. For those of us who don't pay attention to the BS and simply buy in more when the FUD hits (which I hope you did as many of you would be up a cool 40% or better on most investments right now) compared to those who sell off as the markets start to crash.


The only FUD I could find today was China ordering all Bitcoin miners to shut down. The results?
The has rate is latterly the same it was back in May 23rd of this year. In fact what we most likely will see is a prime spot right now to mine bitcoin. You'll earn more for putting your hardware to use right now.

Do you honestly think all of that mining hardware is going to go dormant?
One of two things are going to happen.

  1. A new crypto will be mined with those miners
  2. Those miners will move out of country and start mining again (this would cause a small low and then a big bump in hash rate as they come back online)


Now for all the positive news which cracks me up. The same "news" sites went from trash talking Bitcoin and crypto to now saying.

  • Interactive Brokers will offer crypto trading by the end of summer
  • Bank bets big on crypto, backs loans with Ethereum Bitcoin will always be the GOLD
  • Coinbase stock rises 2% even as crypto platform gets hit with bearish market
    and the best
  • El Salvador Officially votes to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

I hate to tell you this but anyone can BUY bitcoin and they don't need some brokers account. Banks continue to shove money into crypto and DeFi is primed to explode once fees and exit scams/rug pulls get out of here. (Also please stop investing in shitty meme coins trying to turn a quick buck it's extremely damaging to crypto)

The big news though is El Salvador which now starts to put pressure on other countries to start adopting bitcoin and crypto. It also provides legitimacy to the currency now. Make no mistake about it governments are doing there best to get in on the action. The moves made today are going play major shifts of wealth from country to country in the next few years so STACK!

At the end of the day it begs the question...

Why do people still listen to these headlines instead of doing their own research?

What do you do?

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Because its easier to just follow the crowd and its why most of them lose money.

I do my own research and I enter things after thinking things through. I don't particularly pay attention to the headlines but they provide good trading opportunities sometimes.

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