5 Other Important Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin

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I often write about how bitcoins blockchain is a dinosaur. It does it's job and it's been through the ringer in terms of hack attempts etc. It also has first awareness, if you mention crypto to anyone new to it they will think Bitcoin and nothing else.

However there are plenty of other powerful, more robust and powerful use cases of cryptocurreny out there. Lets go over what in my opinion are the top 5.


#1 Ethereum (ETH)

Yes, Ethereum is almost a dinosaur in itself. However this project continues to work and evolve plus many people know of it just like Bitcoin this gives it a great advantage to new people entering the space. Along with new updates it's getting mega attention for NFTs and DeFi which are currently very hot topics. But it's run into the same issues as of 2017 which is yet again slowing everything down and that's scalability.

#2 Cardano (ADA)

Cardano as of March 1st recived an update that allows it to use NFTs this couldn't have come at a better time. As skyrocketing network fees hit Ethereum Cardano now paves way for this to be possible as a reduced cost.

#3 LEO Token of Hive

Leo is a token of the hive block chain and it's one of the few communities building and putting in work to really bring adoption into the market place. I hate to tell you this but Hive is actually small fries compared to many of these other networks. We only support roughly a few thousand people on the Hive block chain.

Hive honestly reminds me of the old days of Article marketing around 10 -15 years ago when that was all the rave. However Leo is breaking it out of this stigma and doing so is going to pave the way for the possibility of hundreds of thousands more to use and learn about hive. To me this is early ground floor right now on a very possible huge scale. I'm also going to lump Hive in with Leo since they are rather intermixed at the moment.

There are also many other projects under Hive that look promising such as the CTP token and community as well as a few projects still under the radar. I'll go over these in other articles.

#4 Polkadot (DOT)

I wrote about Polkadot in more detail here > Polkadot Will Overtake Ethereum - A Good Investment?

In Short Polkadot allows for many side change which can be attached on to other crypto blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to help reduce network congestion. Instead of 100 transactions on Ethereums main net you can use Polkadot as a side chain and only hit it Ethereums core blockchain once for those 100 as an example.

#5 Binance Coin (BNB)

With DeFi exploding as well as NFTs Binance coin has gains a huge push. In fact Leo Finance will soon be tapping into this network. Just another of the many powerful ways Leo is changing Hive forever.


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Powerfull list of cryptocurrencies with which nobody can go wrong. I would add RUNE to the list as I think it has quite a big potential, already x60 increase in one year and is used in DeFi.

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True I don't know anything about RUNE though really. Seriously so much to learn and wrap my head around lol doing my best to keep on top of it

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Not to nitpick, but what are the other two? You said "top 7" and then only talked about 5. lol I'm sure you were going to add LINK to the mix, right? The oracle that makes them all work. Nice article!

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Ah good catch I was going to go with 7 and changed the headline to 5 and forgot to in the text. Updating that now lol

Minus Ethereum you've named my holdings. I could not be in more agreement than I am. Great picks!

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Ethereum does feel expensive now it's like the rich mans club due to the high fees lol

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Yes, yes and a whole bunch of yes's!

And thanks for shouting out CTP...Appreciate it man!

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Welcome plan on a better more dedicated post after I learn everything new you guys are working on lol Plus I need to get the ins of the Index fund miners etc. coming soonTM lol

Thanks for referensi this site i hope God love for you

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$leo is my personal favorite.

Ethereum -- too expensive for small players. I don't know much about cardano and polkadot.
There is some really potential with BNB. No one should sleep on that.

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Totally agree with that Ethereum has become more of the "rich boys" club right now till fees get fixed.

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I am hodling all of them myself.

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If Leo is listed on an exchange this would be great

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I don't think it's possible to list a token (is. on a side chain), but wLEO and shortly bLEO (effectively the same as LEO, are listed

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Leo Finance
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Traditional institutional investors look to be going all in with Bitcoin ($BTC) but are missing out on so many other coins and tokens that are potential valuable stakes.

@leofinance's innovations (i.e., ease of onboarding folks to the HIVE ecosystem, embracing decentralized finance (DeFi) by pairing with $ETH and very soon $BNB, working on a financial microblogging application that will soon be up and running) has, without a doubt, become a boon to the HIVE Blockchain Network as a whole.

I view Bitcoin being similar to America Online (Web Browser), Banyan Vines (Virtual Integrated NEtwork Service), and and similar internet tools back in the early days of the internet. Paved the way for our current internet tools, but many don't even know who/what they were (except us boomer computer geeks).

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), the protocol used by HIVE ain't perfect, but then again what is? In my opinion, it is the best around though! Proof of Work (PoW) is a dinosaur.

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Take a look at Versus chains PoP (proof of power, I think it leaves PoS and PoW in the dust

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Leo Finance
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I like delegated proof of stake (DPos), but to each their own.

Did you take a look at #Verus PoP though? I think it's worth studying to see how it works. Eg. it not only uses the PoP from the main chain, but also from all the PBaaS chains connected to main chain. It makes a 51% attack statistically impossible, apparently.

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Still can't believe when I bought BNB at $10 lol

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Hi @bitcoinflood

Without alternative cryptos the blockchain would not have taken the quantum leap it currently exhibits, I agree with you, the team behind Leo builds and works on mass adoption of Hive.

Yours, Piotr

Very true, lets all be honest here bitcoin by itself would not have grown. The transactions became to slow, expensive and well just suck lol that adoption would have never happened without the support of faster blockchains

Dear @bitcoinflood

lets all be honest here bitcoin by itself would not have grown.

I'm not sure about it. Hope you don't mind that I kind of disagree. The biggest BTC utility is the fact, that it can be used as store of value. In many aspects better than traditional gold.

Obviously transactions are slow and expensive and using it for any other purposes may not make much sense.

I would like to take this opportunity and invite you to my recent post (celebrating my 3rd anniversary on hive chain with some special initiative). I would appreciate if you could consider reposting it - so I could reach out wider audience.

Stay safe and have a great weekend,
Yours, Piotr