Hive is a demand deposit account

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Usually we can mark the hive as a deposit upon request. An demand deposit is an account through which account holders can access, withdraw and purchase goods and services at any time and at any time without having to notify the bank of a transaction.

The hive had the same function, as the account holder, access without prior notice to the institution. Transaction on Hive has no interest payments on transactions. The account holder can easily make a choice decision more quickly. The main difference between a bank account and a hive account is that the hive never uses the card for transactions.

The money in the hive is immediately available, debited from the associated account for your use. Thanks to this great feature, keeping the hive works like a bank deposit on demand, without users needing to inform the bank in advance before withdrawing funds; transfer or sell of token from their account. It would be pretty hard to get an easy trade

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Beehive cash account, you can even require the beehive to pay or send the specified amount to the recipient or recipients specified in the transaction. This advantage makes it work similar to bank account.

Looking to the future of a Hive user

Considering the beehive as an on-demand deposit account, it should have some futures features for the users. One feature is the use of a hive debit card which gives the user easy access without being online. Buy or pay bills with a card if you have a certain amount in your account.

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A hive debit card would be awesome and would definitely increase the demand for liquid hive :-)

Yes. Indeed it will be a great features to introduce debit card.