Staying positive in a Bear Market

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We've been here before

The first thing to remember about Bear markets is this - We've been here before. It is very telling and might help to melt away some of your negativity. So put down your phone and stop doom scrolling on twitter or whatever news site you use that is explaining why the world is doomed and your money can't buy much anymore.

Hey you, yeah you, I'm talking to you too - stop with the funny Tic Tok videos, that's not going to do anything for you long term either! Hear what I have to say.

You are not the first person to have lost some value in an investment. Lots of people lose money and value like this every day and often it is across much less volatile assets like Gold bars or Shares.


You are involved in Crypto currency, so you have to understand the volatility and not allow it to upset you. If you have a long view on something like Hive doing well, then stick to your convictions - that is what I would do, although please do not take that as financial advise, it is just my opinion.

I always find a good graph useful to demonstrate facts, so what I said at the beginning is that "We've been here before". You don't believe me? Then just look at the graphs below which clearly show in the first instance Bull and Bear markets in Bitcoin between 2014 and 2021 and in the second graph bull and bear markets between 1929 and 2021.

Hopefully you see what I see? Bull markets follow Bear markets as sure as day follows night, so just be patient, if you have done your due diligence on an investment and it represents value.

What I see from these graphs is that everything that goes down, comes back up and some more, so again patience is key and of course doing you due diligence before parting with your cash or time - each one is an investment.





So, for me Bear markets are not pretty, of course they're not. Nobody likes to lose money, that would be irrational of course. However, I am a glass half full type of person, and as such I always look for value or upside even in downs.


For instance, I recently picked up some Alphabet and Amazon stock, as I am very confident in their long term viability and potential for further growth underpinned by their cloud capabilities mainly, but also their core business models in advertising and sales respectively. I believe I picked these up at a good price at under $88 per share each.

Now like all investments, they may go down in value and even if they drop to $50 I will likely just buy more, as I believe in the long term viability and growth capacity in each enterprise. I will target 2 x or 3 x growth on these and then may sell some, we will see.

Again this is not financial advise, simply a random dude on the internet talking about companies I expect to continue to excel.

Hive Upside and Value

Last but not least, I come to Hive and for me to date the main investment has been time, and it has been a significant one, as I am usually on posting and commenting for a few hours a day, every day. That takes commitment and for now I am happy to do it. As soon as I grow my stake to 10/15K Hive power, I will likely ease of on the posting and concentrate for on curation, but let's see how that goes. For now, my growth mission to 10K Hive Power continues.

The Bear market is actually aiding my growth and I dearly wish that my account was not dormant during the last Bear market when Hive dropped to as low as $0.10 which would have been great for somebody with a growth mindset and someone who could appreciate the potential of the Hive eco system.


Today I am here with open eyes and I can really see and appreciate the potential that Hive has and I am confident that I will look back at 2022 and think to myself, you were right to invest all of that time into Hive. On that note I will say goodbye for today, and just remember that now is a great time to grow on Hive and it won't last forever, so use the time wisely.

The images used throughout are not my own, I sourced them on copyright free site or the site mentioned under the image

Thanks as always for stopping by everyone.

Peace Out

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Wise words here! Up and down, up and down, just like in life :) I can already hear the bulls snorting out in the distance. They are big ones :)

Thanks man, ya you said it, it's all cyclical at the end of the day. It will be great when those bulls eventually come bounding back!

Buy low sell high! Its as simple as that in the end.

That's it in a nutshell alright, but greed can kick in and something goes 5x and you hold out for more gains. Better to have a contract with yourself that states if it goes up by a certain multiple, you cash out half for example.

When I tried trading I used to sell at 15% gain!

That's more day trading I suppose, but I get your point. 50% gain and sell wouldn't be a bad approach I guess, but I tend to hold for years at a time.

Yeah, at the peak of the mad bull you could buy and feel every couple of days that way.

It grew to be quite intensive though so I ended up just hodling too. All the way down!!!

We have to be patience my friend... and acumulate right now , opportunities reward those who are prepared

Yes, that's it exactly.


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Thanks folks


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