Feeling Bullish about the Hive Engine Tokens

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It's not that long ago that I did not even know that these secondary tokens existed. I remember seeing some of the tags that people were using and thinking to myself, what's all that about. Not for the first time, I went to the man in the know @niallon11 who came back with a comprehensive reply to let me know all about these Hive Engine Tokens and I have been slowly accumulating them from my posting ever since, now I don't exactly have a massive bounty of them, but had I not known about them, I would not have them at all, so thanks for the steer Niall.


The value of these tokens fluctuates, but usually ProofofBrain is my largest holding in terms of value. Let me take a bit of time to talk about a few of them and bring some of you up to speed on what they are and what they can do for you.



POB stands for Proof of Brain and the idea behind this token is to reward posts that are interesting and engaging. As I read in a post of theres previously they want "content that people enjoy interacting with. As a human, what I find interesting is subjective, but I will make an effort to be as objective as possible.Your original content could be anything from creative expression to technical analysis or anything in between."

You can post content through the #proofofbrain community on Hive or use their front end which can be found here:


I usually post via Hive or Peakd myself, as that is convenient for me. In recent weeks I have moved into the top 100 holders of POB which is pretty exciting and I continue to grow and move up the top 100 table slowly.

One of the things that excites me the most about POB is the tokenomics and potential for growth. Like Bitcoin, there is a pre-determined maximum ever number of POB coins, which like Bitcoin is 21 million. Every two minutes 10 more coins are minted and these are awarded every day for curation of POB posts and stakers also get a cut.

As you can see above I have accumulated almost 5,000 POB already and considering that the most that there can ever be is 21,000,000, I am pretty excited to continue to accumulate this one. Sure they may only be worth $0.0129 today, but if we see a Bull run on Crypto in general which is bound to happen sooner or later, this is a secondary token which could explode in popularity, especially because of its scarcity.



This next one on my list is one I would absolutely love to see do well, as the #sportstalksocial community who run this token encouraged me a lot when I found out about Hive. Unfortunately I left for a little while, when the bidbots and in fighting were taking over the old chain and the trending page was full off bullshit posts and I had enough and just stopped logging in. Then one day a year or more later I found out about the migration to Hive and so I started again, and one of the first communities to really accept and support me was the @sportstalksocial community and @cryptoandcoffee and I will always be grateful for that.

I passed a milestone recently with my SPORTS tokens too and am now the proud owner of over 2,000,000 SPORTS which is pretty damn cool and again this one has a lot of potential.

They to have a frontpage which can be found here https://www.sportstalksocial.com/ or you can post via the tag on Hive or Peakd.



Ok, so I assume everyone reading this has at least heard of Leo Finance, but who or what are they?

"LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards. Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3."

I like that mission statement and Web 3.0 is going to be absolutely huge, so accumulating some

They have a white paper which can be found here:


Inside the whitepaper they talk about there vision which is worth calling out here.

"Web2 corporations - Twitter, Facebook, Google - have largely turned away from being cooperative enablers of growth to being competitive extractors of growth."

"Web3 seeks to change that. We envision a world where the dissemination of information and access is widely distributed. We've already seen this change in a radical way with access to information via the internet and this access is now infiltrating itself deeper into society."

It's all very interesting and we all potentially have the chance to be early adapters, so Leo is another token that I will continue to accumulate and stake.



The last one I will talk about is WAIV, which to be fair is the one that I know the least about. I clicked into my account one day and I had been airdropped some WAIV for some reason, so I have been using the tag, accumulating and staking it since.

You can learn more here or get involved in the project as developer.

GitHub - https://github.com/Waiviogit/waivio
Twitter - https://twitter.com/waiviolabs
Blog - https://www.waivio.com/@waivio

Feeling Bullish

It's hard to know if the bullish sentiments of recent days will continue or if it is short term bounce, but you can be absolutely certain that another bull run will come at some stage, so be sure to not only have Hive and HBD to be excited about when the Bull season arrives. Stock up and stake up on your Hive Engine Tokens as well for even more excitement and potential returns.

Thanks as always for stopping by everyone.

Peace Out



Since they've been "on sale" recently, I've been dipping in and picking up some of these and other tokens for awhile now. With LEO being my top holding since I create most of my content for the tribe.

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Good on you, get them while they're cheap!

Great read. I think L2 tokens need to be discussed more then they are so people know that hive (hp) and hbd are not the only value hive has.

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Ya dead right, hopefully this post alerted some more people to them who may not have been aware.

I probably have more fun with layer 2 than with Hive itself🤣

Haha, Ya definitely, it's good craic keeping an eye on the prices and watching your holdings accumulate over time.

Yeah man I've been into the HE tokens as well! I think I started 2 years ago with them and bought a whole bunch. Some of them I'm sad to see fall off and disappear in value like SPACO (it was a Spanish dedicated token for the growing Spanish speaking community on here.) I was a whale in that one! I have 25k of the token which is one of their larger stakes and loved getting curation. Sadly the account behind it stopped funding it's account with RC so it stopped issuing tokens because it never had enough credits and I think they shut it down.

Neoxian is another good general use token and I've been enjoying stacking a bunch of those. I thought it was originally for Splinterlands focused content but it looks like it's not, so I've been using it and have over 40k now I think, and constantly growing!

I've got a decent amount of POB but now that I know a bit more of the background, I plan on snapping up some more of that so I can get in while the getting is good!

Pity about SPACO, especially because you were a whale for that one too, but ya I reckon POB would be a good one to stack up on, that maximum of 21,000,000 ever existing is pretty appealing and if Hive does some day gain mass adoption , these second level tokens could do very very well.

Good shout on Neoxian as well, I have some of that amassed too, not worth much today, but who knows what it might grow to.

Also, not sure if it's POB or VYB, but one only pays out for people that don't self-vote which is a great idea too in my opinion.

Is WAIV tag a generic tag that fits any content like POB? Would be nice accumulating it, I have some seating in my wallet from the airdrop.

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I Joe, ya it is, I will often use tags proofofbrain waiv ctp bilpcoin vyb for lots of my content. I only use sports for Sport related and Leo for finance or crypto related.. Hope that helps..

Oh great it does help I will stop leaving money on the table 😃

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Good job staking these! We seem to collect the same tokens :) POB is the biggest part of my modest Hive Engine portfolio too, these coins are fun :)

Ya it's another thing to follow and keep an eye on especially when you get rewarded for just using tag or staking.

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