Troy ( 2004 ) ~ one of my favorite movies.

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Troy ( 2004 ) ~ one of my favorite movies

Hello everyone ~ today in this little post i will try to expose a small review of a film that contains a rather epic historical story. An impressive, beautiful and interesting film. Troy, one of my favorite movies. Yep, i recommend you watch it.

Over time, people have fought wars. Some for power, some for glory, some for honor - and some for love.

This cinematic creation is a remarkable artistic inspiration described in the epic "Iliad" of Homer ~ which exposes one of the greatest wars of antiquity. Okay, i really liked the movie because, the story connects in a successful way, the visual effects are high quality, and the sets and costumes are praiseworthy. Dramatism is not lacking, being complemented by acts of romance. Okay, just watch the trailer below.

Ok, now i think we are all aware that in the case of all wars ~ possibly out of a leader's desire to stand out in history, whether through positive or negative aspects, millions of children, siblings, parents and spouses die in at the same time, and in the worst case, the uninvolved also die: spouses, children or sisters. Even though the film does not exactly show the events of the Iliad and presents only the human part of the legend disregarding the gods, i was not bothered by this, although some changes in the story displeased me.


When Paris kidnaps Elena, her husband, King Menelaus, insulted and with destroyed honor, sets out to recover his wife and punish the enemy. Family pride says that an insult to Menelaus is an insult to his brother, Agamemnon, the mighty king of Mycenae, who immediately unites all the vast armies of Greece to bring Elena back from Troy to defend her brother's honor.

The fortress, under the command of King Priam, defended by the powerful Prince Hector, is a citadel that no army has managed to defeat. One man is the key to victory or defeat of Troy - Achilles, considered one of the greatest fighters in life. Arrogant, rebellious and seemingly invincible, Achilles has no devotion to anything and anyone but his own glory. His unstoppable need for eternity is what causes him to attack the gates of Troy under the banner of Agamemnon - but it will ultimately be love that decides his fate.

Yep, according to the epic Iliad, the fabulous Homeric creation - the war lasted 10 years, by no means how long it lasted in the movie ~ so maybe in the future someone will think of giving us a historical series based on this fantastic epic - I recommend with confidence. I liked that the gods were completely excluded from the script - maybe they wanted to present the story of Troy in a more realistic and historical way.

Finally, towards the end i can say that the fistribution, the script, the production ~ everything passes the test of time and although the technology and cinematography have evolved considerably in all the years that have passed, it really gave me immense pleasure to see it again. Yep, thank you for your time ~ Cheers🙋‍♂️ to everyone🌍


This is one of those movies that is always on my to-watch list, but I just can't seem to sit down and watch it. The Iliad is a classic and, if they excluded the gods, I'd be very interested in what they were able to show in this film

Even though it was a distance from the Homeric story, Troy is a remarkable film that is worth its time - they tried to offer only the historical part by giving up the myths that existed in the creation of IIliad. After all, it is an extremely delicate historical source, in which Homer🧙‍♂️ exposed the real events in a super fanciful way. Just like a Stan Lee🙂 of those ancient times. Cheers🙋‍♂️ !PIZZA !LOLZ !ALIVE !LUV

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One of my favorite films of the epic genre, based on the realistic interpretation of the Iliad, it is perfect although some things were missing, such as a deeper participation of the hero Ajax, one of the strongest warriors of Mycenae. Of the rest each interpretation seemed great to me. An authentic drama in the middle of a bloody war!

Yep indeed it is ~ they distorted many details of that fantastic mythological creation but it remains one of the best. Honestly, i would like someone to think of offering us such a series based on Homer's creation about this war that lasted for 10 years, in no case 10 days as some of us believe. Even regarding the relationship between Patroclus and Achilles, there are many aspects that leave us in the fog. So personally when i first read the Iliad it was always hard for me to believe that someone could start a war against a people just because their "great love" had been stolen from them - yep, from my point of view even Homer put forward a reason that is not at all plausible to me. This is the historical reality of those ancient times, over time it will continue to be distorted at will and of course the goodwill of some. All👨‍🌾🙂 the best buddy ~ Cheers🙋‍♂️ !PIZZA !LOLZ !LUV !ALIVE

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