SPONTANEOUS (A Positive Message in a Dark Way)

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WARNING: May contain some spoilers.

It's movie time! :)
It has been a while since I watched a movie because I became quite busy at work. However, I decided to take some time off last weekend because I wasn't feeling that well. haha So, I decided to watch some movies and TV series which I could talk about here. :)

First, I'll talk about an "explosive" love story called SPONTANEOUS.



As mentioned earlier, it was about an "explosive" love story. hahah

Seriously though, the story started when Mara (the main character), a senior in high school, was in one of her classes when one of her classmates suddenly explodes, like literally.


It wasn't just a single case since other classmates started exploding one after another. Trying to survive even with the thoughts of exploding one day as well, Mara found herself in an unexpected romantic relationship with Dylan.


Not knowing when their last day would be, they started to live in the moment together. They did things they've always wanted to do and spent time with each other as much as they could.

Will they survive in this world full of mystery and explosion?

What do I think of the movie?

To be honest, I found it bloody intriguing and fun to watch. Although there are some unanswered questions, I actually found myself enjoying it. I personally like the message of this movie which is to live your life to the fullest because you never know when your last day is... it just happens.


Apart from the love story, it also showed stories of friendship and family love. You will really know the people who truly care for you during the worst time of your life. Dylan and Mara's love story is really cute and adorable, but I also like Mara's relationship with her bestie, Tess. Ahh, I miss my bestie!

Mara's parents were also really cool. They might not be perfect, but I must say Mara is really lucky to have them as her parents. They were so supportive and understanding of her despite everything that's happening.

All in all, it was a nice movie to watch... as long as you don't mind bodies exploding all of a sudden with blood splattering all over, then I recommend it. haha

In case you're curious, let's take a glimpse of the movie through this trailer below.


I'll end this post here! See you around! (^^,)/

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How good is Spontaneous.

I remember when I saw this movie I thought it would be a horror-comedy, but it's actually a very good coming-of-age and when I focus on the story of each character and what they have to deal with, that's where the movie gets much better.

The final monologue of the main character is excellent.

That's true... I actually wasn't really expecting much, but it was actually better. :) I must agree with regards the final monologue part. :)

Yay! 🤗
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