#freewrite :: Prompt for Day 1329: black panther

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A buzzing sound, hovered around his ears. It woke him up and he opened his eyes from his long nap. He got up slowly, his muscles still ached but it was a sharp pain that stung him. He forgot that his left leg was injured. It wasn't the first time. The other guy would swing by ever so often, to fight for this space. But this was his territory and nobody can take it from him, not now, not ever and he would keep fighting.

His stomach started to growl and he needed to find food, or he may not last another night. It was two nights ago when he had the fight and he had been resting, unable to move much. But now, he needed to regain energy to be able to hunt again and his leg was not helping. He forced himself up and started walking slowly. Maybe, he might find an easy prey, if luck was on his side.

He limped his way through the bushes when he heard a sound. He stopped and stayed still, trying to find the source when he spotted it. A rabbit. It seemed like the rabbit was limping too. He must make his move or he would lose his chance.

He followed the rabbit as quietly as he could as it made its way to the high grass. The rabbit was just as slow as him which was perfect. It looked like the rabbit found something to nibble on. Now, he must wait for the right time to pounce, just like a black panther does.

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