Self Preservation | A ZapFic100 Story Based on 5 Minute Freewrite (Day 1838) | Prompt: this is brutal (esto es brutal) [Eng/Esp]

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Drabble: A 100 word story written using the word prompt "this is brutal".

...Just as people differ in their beliefs, so do cultures. What may seem harsh to one culture, may be perfectly legal and justified according to the laws of their land. Judging others is what brings situations to the forefront with the advancement of social media and human rights advocates that speak out more profoundly than in the past. What affects one national affects every nation on a worldwide scale of human decency. I leave here a short new micro-fiction story format was created by It's a bit longer than the usual ZAPFIC50 flash fiction I frequently participate in. I still struggle to adhere to the 100-word limit.

For my theme, I was inspired by and utilized @mariannewest's Freewrite prompt: Day 1838: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: this is brutal.

Below is my story:


It was hot. Swatting mosquitoes on his bald head, Lenny finally declared defeat and applied repellent.

Distracted, he tumbled over a bushel of produce.

"Watch it or you'll pay!" the stall keeper yelled.

In the distance, Lenny spotted saw a man and woman running through the cobbled street.

On first glance, he reasoned the couple were probably having fun.

Suddenly, he realized that the man was chasing the woman and was part of the crowd following them.

The crowd hurled small stones at the woman.

Horrified, Lenny turned to his friend, Yazni. "This is brutal."

Yazni whispered, "It's their custom."



Drabble: Una historia de 100 palabras escrita usando la palabra "esto es brutal".

Al igual que las personas difieren en sus creencias, también lo hacen las culturas. Lo que puede parecer duro para una cultura, puede ser perfectamente legal y estar justificado según las leyes de su país. Juzgar a los demás es lo que hace que las situaciones salgan a la palestra con el avance de las redes sociales y los defensores de los derechos humanos que se manifiestan con más contundencia que en el pasado. Lo que afecta a una nación afecta a todas las naciones a escala mundial de la decencia humana. Dejo aquí un breve nuevo formato de micro-relato de ficción fue creado por Es un poco más largo que el habitual ZAPFIC50 flash fiction en el que participo con frecuencia. Todavía me cuesta ceñirme al límite de 100 palabras.

Para mi tema, me inspiré y utilicé la sugerencia de @mariannewest: Day 1838: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: this is brutal.



Hacía calor. Tras aplastarse los mosquitos en la calva, Lenny se dio por vencido y se aplicó repelente.

Distraído, tropezó con un celemín de productos.

"¡Cuidado o lo pagarás!", le gritó el vigilante del puesto.

A lo lejos, Lenny divisó a un hombre y una mujer corriendo por la calle empedrada.

A primera vista, pensó que probablemente se estaban divirtiendo.

De repente, se dio cuenta de que el hombre perseguía a la mujer y formaba parte de la multitud que los seguía.

La multitud arrojó pequeñas piedras a la mujer.

Horrorizado, Lenny se volvió hacia su amigo Yazni. "Esto es brutal".

Yazni susurró: "Es su costumbre".



The screenshot at evidences my use of exactly 100 words to create my ZapFic100.

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 07-58-58 WordCounter - Count Words & Correct Writing-ZAPFI100-basedon5minfreewrite-day1838-thisisbrutal(1).png



Good luck everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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In my view, only that law fulfills the requirements of justice which does not harm anyone and does not deprive anyone of their rights. Otherwise, there are different laws in different places, if one thing is legal in the case country, then the other thing is I'lllegal in another country. I like your story very much, you have narrated the story in a very beautiful way and the story has come on an interesting journey.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 148 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Haha, I wasn't expecting it to end there, when I saw that it was an over seven hundred words read I was super excited only to figure that it's the translation that made it that much.

You've really used the prompt well and indeed those people hurling stones at the woman is brutal I don't care if it's their custom. Lol. Nice read btw