Sunday Night "AI Art", "Alien Beach Girls"

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Hello Friends, Happy Sunday Evening, hoping your Weekend was Amazing so far!
And Thank You for stopping by!

So for this Sunday Evenings
"One Hit Wonders 18" I .wanted to do something with Water - "Again".
I wrote a "Beach/Girl" prompt and generated this Image,

I made a few minor changes and got this,

So then I emphasized the "Girl" part and added in a little "Alien" and generated this Image,

And then I made another change in the prompt (to get the Beach back) and got this Image that I truly like!

And, that was it for this weekend. It should have been for yesterday, but ran out of time. Hoping to get back in the "Monday/ Thursday/ Saturday" posting rhythm again - this week!
Thank You once again for Stopping by, I do Appreciate it and hope You enjoyed the Images as much as I did making them, and right now I am having a blast!
Have an Amazing Monday!
"Please Be Safe"!

New Art Posted - Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!
NFT'S at Nftshowroom!

Take a look and check back often, this collection will grow and also feature some of the better art I have posted here!

"Have A Very Blessed Upcoming Week"!
"Walk with The Father, and He will Walk With You"!!!

Please be "Centered", whenever possible!

Remember "The Father" in ALL THINGS
He "Remembers You"!

All images property of "LesMannArt"
"No Commercial Reproduction Of Any Kind Without Written Permission".
Β©2023 LesMannArt

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