Saturday Night 03.25.23 Digital - "AI" Art "The One Hit Wonders"!

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Saturday Night
Digital Art: 03.25.23
The One Hit Wonders

Hello Friends, Happy Saturday Night,
hoping your Saturday was Amazing!
And Thank You for stopping by!

So my friends for this evening,.I decided to share with You Images from the last three months that I have made but not displayed (except a few friends!🤭). All of these I generated with a script I wrote.
Enjoy, and let me know which You liked best in the comments!
So here is the Space Girl, from the post Image,

and Monochrome,

This is a Psychedelic Girl Image,

And Venus Lady,

Now this next Image - both versions are actually from my face! 😅
Android Girl in Pink,

And Green Chromatic,
(Over monochrome),

And a Blue eyed girl,

And Sepia,

(*The eyes, nose, and bridge in both Images is from my face)

Spring Flower Lady In Blue,


And Monochrome,

And finally a Steam Punk Lady,

And that's about it - "for now"..😉
Even though the few steps were lost, the finished Images I liked so much I wanted to share them anyway!
Thank You once again for Stopping by, I do Appreciate it and hope You enjoyed the Images as much as I did making them, and right now I am having a blast!
Have an Amazing Sunday!
"Please Be Safe"!

NFT'S at Nftshowroom!

Take a look and check back often, this collection will grow and also feature some of the better art I have posted here!

"Have A Very Blessed Upcoming Week"!
"Walk with The Father, and He will Walk With You"!!!

Please be "Centered", whenever possible!

Remember "The Father" in ALL THINGS
He "Remembers You"!

All images property of "LesMannArt"
"No Commercial Reproduction Of Any Kind Without Written Permission".
©2022 LesMannArt


It's hard not to have fun when doing these. You got some really cool results. I used my own face for a few runs and the results were very strange but extremely interesting. Hope you are having a great weekend my friend.

You are right!
I can, and have sit for hours with this!
The face thing is funny actually, I did not put female in the prompt, but it made two women..???

Thank You so Very Much and have an Amazing New Week!

I have long hair and a beard and the first time i put my face as the starting point... it made one of the prettiest girls. hahaha go figure

No Beard but long hair myself!
I think that these "AI" apps are more tuned to women. Often if I use no gender, but out in eyes,etc..
It still draws a woman!
Have a Very Amazing Mid-Week!

You should really give the bot a try on discord that i have the links to in my last personal post. It has way more options than the apps and you will have a wider range of outputs to tweak with your editing skills. I also agree that if you use a gender neutral term or use any synonyms of beauty... it's going to, more often than not, output a female. Learning to tweak the prompts is literally an art. Cheers and happy mid-week to you too!!

There's a news I can use!
(*And will)
Thank You and have a Awesome

breathtakingly awesome!!!! love this

Thank You so Much!
I really Appreciate It!
Have an Amazing New Week!

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Thank You!
Wooo Hooo!
Wishing You a Happy Buzzy Week!

You're welcome @lesmann! Have a nice day 😊👍

And You Too!

Oh wow! These are amazing digital work of art you did with AI! It's amazing how technology works!


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Made with by crrdlx

Thank You so Very Much!
I had these piling up, he he he! 😉🤭😅

I think once a month I will do a clearing of Images I have not shown, seems like a good idea!

You have a Wonderful Week, and Thank You so much again!

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