One Hit Wonders 8 05.29.23 "AI Art" "Lady's"

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Hello Friends, Happy Saturday Night,
hoping your Saturday was Amazing!
And Thank You for stopping by!

And so friends this is week 8, I have a bunch of Lady's!
I have been "trying to generate" some various "Bee People" Images,

In-between I am getting a lot of others. Most are "good", but maybe a bit off topic...πŸ€”
But I wanted to show some of them anyways, so here they are - this week's "randoms"!

I will start with the only one that has a teuly "Bee" appearance,

And this one which does not, but does have a nice realistic look,

This one has a deep Alien look to it,

This one has a more of an Oceanic look,

And this one the Forest,

And here is basically the same primot, but with Neptune add in,

And, That's it for this week's
"One Hit Wonders"
All Images generated with "AI" prompts Written by me.
Thank You once again for Stopping by, I do Appreciate it and hope You enjoyed the Images as much as I did making them, and right now I am having a blast!
Have an Amazing Sunday!
"Please Be Safe"!

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Take a look and check back often, this collection will grow and also feature some of the better art I have posted here!

"Have A Very Blessed Upcoming Week"!
"Walk with The Father, and He will Walk With You"!!!

Please be "Centered", whenever possible!

Remember "The Father" in ALL THINGS
He "Remembers You"!

All images property of "LesMannArt"
"No Commercial Reproduction Of Any Kind Without Written Permission".
Β©2022 LesMannArt

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You are getting good at this with the IA , those images are really cool!

Thank You so Much!
I Appreciate It!
You have a Wonderful New Week!