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Hi everyone good morning I hope that you are all good and well today

I hear a lot of people saying this is decentralised when it blatantly isn't there's a big issue of centralisation and it's so plan to see

The only content at the top it's chosen by a couple of people who have a big say in community

Most people are scared to say anything to these people just incase these people stop supporting them

It's funny how something that claims to be decentralised is really so centralised

People need to wake up and smell the coffee

People need to look right in front of them and see what's going on

People need to realize that they are being used to push nonsense out to the world

People need to realize everyone is not stupid

People need to realize that poor people will do and say anything for a very small bit of money

People are being used some of them people Don't know and some just don't care as long as they are earning money

People don't care about people some people only care what people can do for them

It's so sad to see people begging for money online

It's like online slavery

Don't depend on no one go out there in the real world and get what you want

Work hard and anything is possible

Ok back to my creations As always I created these creations from scratch no photo manipulation no Ai no inspiration from anyone or anywhere I like my creations to be unique and unlike anything else

I'm not sure what I'm going to call these creations I'm just trying to think of a name while I'm writing this post

I think I will call these creations The walls are alive

Ok here's one of the finished versions and it's also one of my favourite versions to everyone who is reading this right now let me know which version is your favourite one after checking out all the different versions

kgakakillerg original content

Here's the first version I created

kgakakillerg original content

Here's the second version I created

kgakakillerg original content

Here's the third and final version I created

Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope that you liked this post

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Here, I will choose the second edition of the this work, the reason is because of the color you see in the second edition.

it is truly of what you said about people being used, I think people should just wake up and get everything the way it should be.

I'm so glad you enjoyed my creations and I'm glad you enjoyed the writing to thanks for stopping I hope that you have a wonderful weekend

Thank you for sharing, have a great weekend too.

Thanks bro πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

You are welcome πŸ₯°