Omnipotent Being in Female - No. 2 | Eugenia (The Final Chapter - No. 6)

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Author's note:

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Author's note: This story is the sixth and final chapter in the series of Eugenia, Omnipotent Being in Female - No 2. Defeating King Kenai's army with an inconsequential amount of bloodshed traveled back to the King. Will Eugenia, the person foretold in the Prophesy be ready to lead after the major victory?
The Forsaken People and the Prophesy were still alive.
"It shall be on the day that the rains of autumn push against our shores, rushing into the temple. On that day, the sun will not set, neither will the dawn rise.
Those who banished us shall come by the thousands seeking refuge.
Our help they detest, for they fear us. But our help they will beg, for we are the only salvation of this land. On that day, one shall rise in love's embrace to rule the land that is Kyaco."

And, will the King be ready to face Eugenia and the force behind her that she brings to the final confrontation?

Now, the Final Chapter 6



Eugenia woke not to the shelf bed of the rain forest or the blanket-covered rocks within the cave. The velvet linen cloth caressed her cheek. The delicate slippers softly embraced her feet. The Queen's private quarters summoned her as if they were waiting an eternity. These possessions Eugenia was not accustomed to. However, she acclimated to their royal status instantaneously.

What did feel unnatural was the cushioned throne from which she ruled the Kingdom. For she had not aspired to nor considered herself deserving of the responsibility. The Prophesy thrust the duty upon her.

Eugenia extended her hand. King Adan of Nyvakia took his place at her side. Ruling the land from a worldly perspective he would enlighten her. All foreign eyes descended upon the Kingdom of Kyaco. They waited.

Her focus was not upon the expectations of foreign leaders. Only her Spiritual Father mattered.

Eugenia glanced around the Throne Room. How different from the temple or the place of her birth, the Malevolent Caverns.

A voice in the crowd spoke above the rest. "To Our Queen.".

A tear fell gently on her Queen's robe as she remembered the struggle of her people, particularly her father and mother, whose protection and sacrifice she would forever cherish.


It happened the season before she celebrated her sixteenth year of birth.

As she prayed in the temple, she asked herself, Why me? Nobility wasn't my birth right. The sacred archive containing the details of my birth focused only on the fact that the elders covered by small body with oils. No reason for the special and unique treatment.

As she grew, she noticed she was different from other girls in physical features.

The time had come to reveal all. Before the revelation to the Aifrokatans, her father, Chief Mizoh, and his wife, Salada, revealed to their daughter her true identity.

"Power as an unforeseen source of strength is unique in itself. Does it hold then that in whose hands it lie the power is less convincing?" Without smiling, Chief Mizoh steadfastly held his daughter's gaze.

In all my fifteen years, Eugenia thought, I had never stood face to face with danger.

"Eugenia, when you experience it, you'll forever be changed," her mother warned.

My parents believed that, despite my deformity, I would go beyond where any other human could imagine. All that was required of me was to believe in myself.

Afterward, they assembled the elders and all his people together in the temple. Once her true identity was revealed, stood in awe and wonderment. They did not truly understand her power and how it would be used to accomplish the Prophesy's mission.

The day Eugenia and her people met King Kenai's soldiers in the forest on the outskirts of Kyaco, the Prophesy began to unfold.

As the army stood waiting for their death fate, Eugenia, with her parents, arrived. She dismounted and stood in front of King Kenai's army. The heart on her chest pulsated, then glowed as she spoke.

"When will the people of the Rain Forest of Kyaco realize we are all one flesh, one blood, one child of the Almighty! Love thy neighbor was given to me.

King Kenai's army swayed as though enchanted. They had not heard such gentle words nor had they seen the heart on the outside of a person's chest.

The army laid down their weapons and bowed. No bloodshed was spilled that day.

The conflict was now over.

Eugenia held her hand high in the air. She still believed the words she spoke that day.

"Do not celebrate a defeat. Instead, celebrate the beginning of understanding and compassion. We are all one people under our God. Let us show them with our words from the Prophesy and not our weapons!"

After hearing Eugenia speak, they stared blankly at each other, murmuring.

In the end, King Kenai got his wish. His army did track and locate the Forsaken People. What he didn't know was that, in the end, his army became Eugenia
God's battle warriors for peace and justice.

And this army would turn against their King. Now, they were returning home to the Rain Forest of Kyaco.

The army wished redemption themselves in their misguided loyalty to one who did not deserve it. They were on their way to reclaim the Kingdom of Kyaco for the people.


The day dawned mild and cloudless. As Eugenia, her aging parents, Benylon who assisted in their escape from the kingdom, and the combined people rode toward the King's Castle, the rising sun cast a blushing tinge across the morning sky. The fusion of moisture. flora, soil, and trees waffled through the air as the smell of not only life but a renewed sense of purpose hurtled toward them.

Evening approached as they finally stood in front of the King's Castle.

Eugenia dismounted. From the gardens, she scoured the landscape.

Five round towers stood low, but sturdy. Solid walls molded from light brown stone solidified the castle. Elegant windows set to capture the evening sun and morning glow stared back. A chestnut colored stone wall stood forcefully on each side of the entrance. Large steps lead to massive arched shaped doors.

Stone images of a thousand warriors honored for their bravery and commitment stood on the outer rim.

One giant tree carefully relocated from the rain forest rested close to the castle reminding the people of their connection and commitment to the country's natural resources.

Image created by me as generative art

Eugenia spoke loudly.

"Come down from your high place and face me less you be afraid."

Shocked upon hearing the news of the crowd gathering outside, King Kenai paced in the Throne Room. Blood pounded in his ear as he pressed his hands against the sides of his face. As if in denial, he shook his head attempting to contain his panicked thoughts.

Against his advisor's wishes, he stormed from the throne room not fully understanding the cause of the loud chanting of his name. One trusted advisor spoke the name of Eugenia, then reminded him of the Prophesy.

He would not be made a fool of in front of his people by a young Slave girl.

Upon his order, his attendants readied him for battle. In his armor, King Kenai stepped onto the castle grounds.

Evening was due to arrive. Instead of dusk, the sky turned bright. Sparkles and shadows tumbled across the sky, reflecting hues of the sunset but not advancing into darkness. With each turn of the sphere, colors of all shades prevented the sky from falling into darkness.

People screamed and ran for cover.


Eugenia stepped forward.

"On the day that the sun will not set, neither will the dawn rise, he who banished us shall see his own people turn from him and flee by the thousands seeking refuge in me. For on this day, one shall rise in love's embrace to rule the land that is Kyaco. My name is Eugenia. And that day has come!

In fear, King Kenai yelled, "Seize her, you idiots. I command you protect me."

Seeing no soldier in his army step forward to defend him, he drew his sword and swung in several directions while swearing loudly.

Eugenia stood steadfast, unafraid of Kenai.

He backed away several steps and turned his head to the skyline. He watched in dazed horror before being temporary blinded by the bright lights dancing in unison across the sky.

A tremor of fear crossed his face. Taking a deep breath of terror, he gasped for air.

No one came to his aid. He stood alone.

The remaining guards at the castle laid down their weapons and stepped back to join their brethren behind Eugenia.

Kenai stood defiant, screaming and proclaiming that revenge would be his.

"Your reign has come to an end Kenai." The Prophesy has been fulfilled.

Although Eugenia did not want to harm the King, she allowed her people to decide his fate.

And the people spoke. King Kenai's own army took possession of him and escorted him away from the celebration. They ensured that he would produce no offspring to twist their minds toward evil and not good. He would cease to exist in their world as he sought to deny The Forsaken People.

The people of Kyaco also agreed in unison to expel all mercenaries who brought the trouble to Kyaco and set in motion the events that induced a weak king to turn against his countrymen.

The Kings Castle returned to "The People's Castle".

The deed was done.


As Eugenia sat in the Throne Room, the country's new official purple crest depicting her image hung above the throne.


King Adan contemplated their future. He had yet to speak publicly of his intentions. Instead, he began his gentle mentoring.

"It is time to greet the people, Eugenia." He stared lovingly in her face and cupped her cheek in front of the members in the Throne Room.

The members of the court cheered and clapped loudly, then followed them out onto the balcony.

Eugenia and King Adan stood together in the presence of the people of the Kingdom of Kyaco.



Having lost his queen, King Adan secretly implored Eugenia's parents for her hand in marriage. They agreed, but only if Eugenia seconded the union.

"Yes, but I can not leave Kyaco. I was brought here for a reason." Eugenia hung her head low.

"I can not leave Nyvakia. My people need me. We can join our two countries as one and rule together. Your people, both Kyacans and Aifrokatans are free to live in my country if they desire. If you agree, my people will be free to live in the rain forests."

Eugenia could no longer see her parents, the people she would rule, or the beauty of the rain forest that stood behind her as she lifted her head and spirits, then nodded in agreement.

The people of Kyaco cheered, together with the soldiers of Nyvakia.

A Nyvakian soldier shouted, "the spoils of war!"

Another shouted "the bonds of war."

The Kyacan army cheered.

Everyone laughed and greeted each other anew. The Kingdom of Kyaco fell into peace and bliss.

It would remain so for centuries as a beacon of hope and prosperity to the rest of the world.


My current fractal and stable diffusion project is a continuation of my short story for "Omnipotent Being In Female No. 2 (Eugenia) which I outline its history below. To prepare for Chapter 6 of the saga, I created a new fractal to accompany the other pure fractals utilized in previous chapters.

Pure Fractals. The stars of this final chapter that I want to highlight are my pure fractals. The first fractal served as Eugenia's new crest and friendship symbol with her ally, King Adan of Nyvakia. I love its purple color and detail. A circle with flanges extending in several directions as if to represent inclusiveness. Both fractal were designed in Apophysis 7X.



My second fractal served as the Prophesy warning in the sky. As the image turned clockwise, varying colors sparkled.



Stable Diffusion Images. For these images, I utilized a variety of diffusion programs. StarryAI, Night Cafe, and Deep Dream Generator are a few of my favorites. Below are the procedures I used to create each image:


Text Prompt:
"Omnipotent being in elegant and beautiful dark skinned female form:

Options: Anna Dittmann; hyper-detailed; Kilian; Eng
Method: Art
Style: Argo
Runtime: 50
Seed: 1668413731


King Adan

Type: Text 2 Dream

Text Prompt: "Gorgeous brown skinned male King of falcons thin lips slim facial features insanely detailed and intricate golden armor, beautiful male face, masculine features.

Options: Intricate; Elegant; Scenic; hyper-realistic; hyper-detailed; ethereal; iridescent; Digital Illustration,16k; vibrant colors, by Artgerm; Tom Bagshaw; Magali; auroracore; vaporwave; WLOP; Villanueva.

Quality: Normal
Face enhance: Yes
Upscale & Enhance: 0
Aspect Ratio: square



The Castle was created in Nvidia Gaugan, a generative art program. With this type of software, the program records your brushstrokes as you paint them onto the canvas. You decided from a set of tools how your landscape will look. It's nice to work with as you can include sky, land elements such as rocks, water, trees, and other object in your final image. Your image is then rendered and final output is viewed on the right-hand side of the screen."

Brushstrokes in Nvidia Gaugan

Nvidia Gaugan Result:


As far as the image for Eugenia and King Adan in the same setting, I utilizing Canva, I was able to blend the fractal and stable diffusion images.


Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I hope you like my fractal and generative art project.


In approaching my current stable diffusion project, my second series dealing with powerful women I titled: "Omnipotent Being in Female". My second female in this series is Eugenia. In creating Eugenia, I wanted to portray a beautiful African princess. Her story is one who rises to power to defeat an oppressive dictator ruling in a beautiful land. In order to tell her story, I first had to tell the history of the kingdom she knew nothing about.

Eugenia is a multi-part story.

Chapter 1: depicted the land of Kyaco, a beautiful rain forest.
Chapter 2: told of the decline of the kingdom after the King's death.
Chapter 3: tells of the decision that brought the slaves to the kingdom and their ultimate banishment.
Chapter 4 recalls their pilgrimage to a new land.
Chapter 5 recalls their new Allies summoned to help defeat King Kenai's army on the shores behind the Malevolent Caverns.

Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I hope you like my fractal art and stable diffusion project.


Good luck everyone with whatever your endeavors.


a) JustClickindiva's Footer created in Canva utilizing its free background and images used with permission from discord admins.
b) Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me with my (i) Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet, (ii) Samsung Phone, & (iii) FUJI FinePix S3380 - 14 Mega Pixels Digital Camera
c) Purple Butterfly part of purchased set of Spiritual Clip Art for my Personal Use
d) All Community logos, banners, page dividers used with permission of Discord Channel admins.
e) Ladies of Hive banner used with permission of and in accordance with the admin's guidelines
f) Thumbnail Image created by me in Canva.
g) "Flames." What is Apophysis 2.09.
h) What is Stable Diffusion? StarryAI.Com. Online at:



This is an amazing story! I love how you've developed the characters and the plot. The ending is especially satisfying, with Eugenia and King Adan uniting their two countries and bringing peace and prosperity to Kyaco.

I also really appreciate the way you've incorporated the Prophesy into the story. It's a great way to add suspense and intrigue, and it also helps to give the story a sense of purpose.

Hello @malos10. Thanks so much for your visit and kind compliment for my final chapter of my 6-part short fiction story. I truly appreciate it and your support. I'm pleased you like certain elements such as the ending in peace and prosperity for the Kingdom and its ally country.

Yes, I loved the Prophesy and how it unfolded to fulfillment. I enjoyed writing the entire series over a few months.

I don't know if I'll tackle such a lengthy saga again this year as I move on to the next Omnipotent Being in Female No. 3. Stay tuned.

I appreciate your support. Take care and have a good start to your weekend.


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Glorious ending to this great tale!

Hello @deeanndmathews. So good of you to visit. I'm pleased you liked not only the ending to my saga, but the preceding chapters as well. I was especially pleased the way the events unfolded that allowed Eugenia to fulfill the Prophesy and assume her position as Queen in the Kingdom. It was a long and difficult journey made possible by her tenacious and loving parents.

I appreciate your support. Take care and have a good rest of your week.


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I love stories that end well...
Even with all the sad events, the armies still cheered
Nice one!

Hello @rafzat. I appreciate your visit and kind compliment for my story. I'm pleased you liked the ending. It was a long, but difficult journey for Eugenia, but she proved to be worthy of the task given her. I'm happy she found someone to share her life with.

Thanks for your support. Take care.

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