Unleash the Roar of the Angry Big Bad Lions on OpenSea

in Alien Art Hive13 days ago

Let's get the party started today! It's Saturday 11th march and what a lovely day the sun is shining! Let's add some ROAR to our lives with the amazing Angry Big Bad Lions collection on Opensea! The NFT collection is growing super fast and it will leave a lasting smile on your face!

At Bilpcoin, we've noticed some Logic downvotes on our posts, but we're not worried! It's just another Hive Police account and we know that downvotes don't hurt. We're still actively tracking the Hive police downvoters and other abusers on Hive, and we love the transparency that Hive provides. At Bilpcoin, we believe that Hive Police could destroy Hive if nothing changes. That's why we have our own active team working 24/7 to keep a record of all the abuse happening on Hive, such as vote buying, self-voting, alt accounts, spam comments, fake witness voting, verbal abuse, and more.

Let's end the Hive Police and take away their control in this decentralized world! Let's make Hive a safe and happy place for everyone to enjoy!

Angry Big Bad Lions 29

Angry Big Bad Lions 30

Angry Big Bad Lions 31

Angry Big Bad Lions 32

Sad people do sad things so let us replace the sadness with joy and make Hive a better place of happiness! Let's spread love and positivity and make everyone feels safe and secure. Let's create a world where everyone can express themselves freely and without fear of judgment by the Hive Police. Let's make Hive a place where everyone can be their true selves and be accepted for who they are. Let's make Hive a place of joy and freedom, where everyone can come together and celebrate life. Let us make the Hive free of the Hive Police