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It's a gorgeous Tuesday morning, the 21st of March, and the downvote abuse on Hive continues. it won't slow us down at all we are going to promote much more. Bullshit won't stop us today, we are going to start uploading more Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more today big promo time today, we will spread the truth Hive is not decentralized Hive is controlled by a few clowns we don't get why people are so afraid to speak up and stand up to these clowns. At Bilpcoin, we have just minted two brand-new NFTs on Opensea called Shiba Inu 1 & 2, stunning NFTs made with the help of AI we have so much more to come. We are keeping a record of all the wrongdoings on Hive and will report when needed.

Shiba Inu 1

Shiba Inu 2

Downvotes don't hurt people, the truth does stop the downvote abuse on Hive it doesn't make Hive look good so take the power away from the Hive Police as they don't care about Hive they are just farming the fuck out of it and abusing their bit of power

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Hive is meant to be decentralized but it's not It's controlled by a few people

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Don't support their proposals and remove any delegations. Let's show them that we won't stand for their shenanigans and take Hive to the next level!


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All good @bilpcoinbpc! You are a true inspiration for Hive! Keep going and reach your new target!

Thank you

There are many ways to earn on this Down-voting platform 😉